16 December 2010

One December Morning...

...I woke up and it was 50 degrees outside!?!

So, winter in Utah isn't much different than winter in (southeast) Idaho, except there tends to be more snow in the mountains...mostly. That, and snow storms (or even the mention of them) will shut down entire communities...mostly :)

L said to me the other day: Mom, if you want me to do that, then you have to give me a sucker first, or I won't be your little helper. Does that make you sad?

Yes, yes it does.

The other day, I asked Jordan to do something. He responded, "Oh, I thought you said ..."

Um...okay...I guess he's 10...

E refused to help L put away her laundry the other day because "she (L) hates me (E)."

And so it begins.

So, as you can see, our little ones are growing up. L is trying desperately to forge her place in our family, determined to no longer be "the baby." Even though she's the youngest, she will NOT be bossed around. And I'm learning that I can't just "tell her" to do something; it needs to be "her idea." She is soo her father's daughter :)

E is to the point in her little life where social connections, to her, make all the difference between a "good day" vs. an "awful day." That, my friends, is a daily struggle, trying to un-teach her what the world tries every day to shove in her face. And she's only eight. Sigh, one day at a time.

J, bless his heart, is the best big brother in two families. He can be so sweet and helpful and so patient with the girls. And then, he can be, well, an older brother. But, he's quick to apologize. This step-parent thing is awkward sometimes, but he has a big heart.

D has been keeping busy the last few months, driving truck for a company out of Logan. They send him all over the western states. Right now, he's on his way home from Phoenix, AZ. He's gone most of the week, but he usually gets to be home for the weekends and holidays. Nice. After we moved into our new place, before he went back to work, he was able to put up shelves in our garage. Just in time for the first snow, we were able to park BOTH cars in the garage! Yeah for no scraping windows!! :)

I've been keeping busy with laundry, baking, homework, work, and oh yeah! I'm the new Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout Troop Leader! :) Yup, they sucked me in...and it is so much fun! Yes, it's one more thing, but after our first meeting (it's at E's school), one of the Kindergarten girls (a Daisy) came up, gave me a hug and said, "You'll make the best leader." It was all I could do to not start bawling right there! Can you tell that to my daughter and her friends, please?? Thanks!
So, that's pretty much our life right now, a snap-shot into our daily lives as we know them today. I hope this note finds you all happy, healthy and enjoying the season of celebration of the birth of Our Saviour. Because of him, we have what we need.

All our Love and Joy to you,
The Peay Family

PS: Get Ready for GS Cookies!!

21 November 2010

There is much with which to be Grateful...

Yes, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Yesterday I compiled the grocery list for the upcoming week and festivities. Know what my first thought was after finishing? Honestly. I looked over the list and realized most of this food was going to be consumed by the end of the week, and it was twice as much food as I normally would buy in a week! :)

Even so, this brings me to my point. I am so very thankful that I have the means to acquire these things and share them with my family and extended family. It's not a lot, not extravagant by any means, but we will not be hungry this week. After a few rough years, you have no idea what that means to me.

And with that spirit of gratitude, we will be having the children help us with service projects this week with our ward. We have extra to share this year, so we will be paying forward what has been done for us in the past. Because, you can't have thanks without giving. And I want my children to understand that. I want everyone to understand that!

The very first Thanksgiving Day, the settlers were simply grateful to be alive, to have survived the year so far after loosing more that half the people who traveled with them. They were grateful for their new friends, who helped them survive. And thus started Americans love affair with food and celebration :)

This year, I am grateful I can pay it forward, however small and meager, to give someone else hope... And then work together to make a difference. These experiences will be what teach my children more than I ever could.

Be happy Giving Thanks, everyone! :)

15 November 2010

To Try Men's Souls

So, the last book I read, he also authored this one, To Try Men's Souls, along with Newt Gingrich. The duo has also co-authored other historical books about Pearl Harbor, WWII, the Civil War, and now, the beginnings of the Revolution.

As if anyone could really truly understand the desperation and suffering in those weeks and months as the British and German armies pushed the colonial militias back and back and further back; starvation, cold, storms, desertions, loss of morale...

I really enjoyed reading this and getting another view on George Washington, but also on the men of the militias. The writing really drew me into the stories behind the stories. More than one time I was overcome with a huge sense of gratitude for the people who have done and suffered so much so we can have the freedoms we enjoy today. Never again will I take my freedom, all of my freedoms, for granted. And, because of Washington's example and determination, he has shown all of us that freedom is not won and lost by just a few, but of an entire collective. Yes, some with think it easier to go along with the current situation. That requires less effort, emotion, work, heart. But, to fight for the good of nation, to fight for what is right... that takes courage and determination. Because of these, we will never be the same:

"These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: ~~'Tis dearness only that gives everything its value." (Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, Number1, December 19, 1776).

I will never be the same

09 November 2010

What ever happened to...

I think, next Sunday, I will put together a "Countdown to Christmas" calendar. I'm just so excited for the Holiday Season to get started! But, since I've had time to think about it, I don't want our Christmas countdown to overshadow Thanksgiving.

I feel bad for Thanksgiving; it gets completely and consumerly bypassed. Yes, I just created a new word : consumerly. And, since I created it, it IS spelled correctly and I AM ignoring the red underline.

Anyway, my point. Eliza asked me today when Santa became a part of Christmas. We talked about what Santa represents, serving others. And what happens when we serve others? And I pray my children will learn this through our struggles... Gratefulness. Simple gratitude. When we do things for other people, we learn to be grateful for what we have.

But why do retailers completely bypass this holiday? Because consumers don't buy presents for it? I guess we could start... :) Hey, Bro, here's a bronzed cornucopia for your display. Enjoy! :) Yeah, probably not. BUT, that doesn't mean I have to bypass it and just completely JUMP to the crazy part of the holiday season. I cherish the slow-down before the frenzied crayz of the end of the year. November truly slows down; time even moves back an hour :)

So, here I am, slowing down, counting my blessings and trying to bring my children along to realize those same blessings. Thus, The Annual Count Your Blessing Month. Join me! And pray I have hair left to style :)

08 November 2010

Greatful for Patriots' Dreams

So, I've started riding the train to work again, with mixed emotions, especially at 4:30 in the morning... Anyway, gas is money. Enough said. So, with all that extra time in the morning, I've blissfully gone back to reading!! I downloaded this book on a recommendation from this food storage website.

In September, the website did an emergency preparedness drill. Each day for 7 days, they gave a challenge and you had to function in that challenge for the day. And, for the whole 7 days you weren't to go to the store, spend money (other than work needs) or buy gas (again, unless you were traveling for work, etc). Very interesting stuff!! Honestly, I wasn't in a situation where I could follow all the challenges, but I read them each day :) and were needless to say, thought provoking. I've added many things to my emergency preparedness room and list of future things to add.

After it was all over, they started a group book discussion on this book. I'm not participating in the Group Discussion, but I did want to read the book. And boy, am I glad I did!! Holy cow, have you ever thought about living, completely living, without electricity? None! In an instant, gone?!? Wow. Reading this book not only gave me thought to things I need in my storage, but also was such an emotional roller coaster! It literally brought out the worst in humanity but also the best. I read it much faster than I intended, not just my 3 days commute to and from work, but I would read at night and every other free minute I had! :) Highly recommended!

After I finished, I looked up other books by the author. Low and behold, he's written and co-written a handful of historical and historical fiction books! Sweet! Next up: To Try Men's Souls, about George Washington and the Christmas March across the Delaware, the last stand of Washington's men, "Victory or Death" was their battle cry... I'm only in the first chapter, but can tell I will relish my commuting time.

03 November 2010

Well, why not?

I guess I can shoot for once a month, right? Eh... sure, why not!

I guess I can at least post once a month :)

I'm just super glad Halloween is behind me and I can move on to the Holiday Season! :) I've never really liked Halloween...don't like painting my face (just makes it itch)...never liked getting dressed up (thinking of costumes gives me head aches)...and all that walking, in the cold, just to beg for candy that will eventually make me sick?!? Naw. I can live with out it, and I don't like dragging the kids through it, even though, yes I'm sure they have fun... but it's a ton of effort on my part that I'm not terribly excited about.

However, I don't want to pass my prejudices onto my children, so I participate in the obligatory Halloween holiday activities. Much to my dislike, we usually carve just one pumpkin. This year, for some reason, I was feeling spirited and we carved two :) Then, I even roasted the seeds! Never done that (don't know why) but maybe that will help ease the carving burden because they were fantastic! As for costumes, yes, I buy costumes. Well, expect this year. E wanted to be a witch again, and since I saved her costume from last year (which was about 2 sizes too big!), score! Then, I talked L into being a ghost :) Bring out the white sheet! 2 for Mom!

As for the whole begging-for-candy thing, we went to the ward Chili Cook-Off (to which I brought potato soup because I figured my children weren't the only children who don't like chili). There was to be a Trunk-or-Treat to follow, but the downpour brought it inside the church :) Ghouls and Goblins Trick-or-Treating inside a Church...hehehe. Anyway, because of the cold and rain it didn't take much convincing of the children to stay home and enjoy the spoils while watching a movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. 3 for the lazy Halloween Mom :)

And now, I can start counting all my blessing, because this is the annual Count Your Blessing Month. Or so I will name it. For now, I'm grateful my husband has found another job, with a reputable company. He'll be gone a lot, but it will be worth it in the long run.


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03 October 2010

Happy Planning

So, about a year and a half ago, I was diligent and finally put together 72 hour backpacks for all 5 of us - clothes, food, water, mess kits. I felt really good about at least that part of my food storage beginnings. I couldn't really do much beyond that because we had moved from our house to a small student apartment, so storage was tight, but the backpacks were great to store under the beds. Plus, it was a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

When we moved to our present home, I figured we should go through them and update the clothes and the food kits. L's bag still had pull-ups in it and 2T clothes! :) So, I figured, since Fall Conference was coming up, we'd use that weekend, every fall, to update our backpacks. So, every October, during Conference Weekend, we would eat the food from our 72 hour kits, take out the old clothes, put in new clothes and make new food kits!! :)

The food kits were so easy because they are super basic, enough to sustain life, not provide a full course meal. Besides, they have to be portable. The meal ideas I took from a Stake Preparedness activity a few years ago and just times by 5 and added a few small things because there was room.

Oatmeal, hot chocolate, drink boxes, granola bars, fruit roll-ups (don't use fruit snacks, they will become hard) cheese and pb crackers, tuna, ramen, suckers, hard candies. I made a meal plan chart but I can't get the format to copy here but if you're interested, let me know and I can email it to you. Otherwise, take these ingredients and make 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 diners out of them. The suckers and candy are for snacks, and to keep saliva in your mouth to keep from getting too thirsty.

I splurged for the tuna packets just so I didn't have to worry about a can opener and packed two per bag just to have extra protein. Also, I packed an extra hot chocolate packet. For the hard candy, at the store I found Tootsie Roll pops and thought that would be an nice treat so bought enough for 1 for each day, plus some wrapped hard candies. The pack I made a while back had raisins and trail mix, which sounds like a good idea, but they ended up like tiny boxes of rocks :) so we passed on the raisins and upped the cheese and pb crackers! Plus, I wanted to maximize the protein and calorie intake.

These are all just suggested food items. Feel free to add or take out whatever you'd like. All of these items, when grouped for one person, will fit into 1 gallon sized ziplock bag :)

Like I said, super simple but pretty taste! I guess we'll find out next year, hoping we don't have to actually use them before then :)

Also, I just wanted to make a note of how I organized the backpacks. Hopefully assuming we are all evacuating or leaving together, the 72 hour items are distributed as follows:

D's bag: extra water, small cooking source, extra fuel, 2 mess kits (his and mine), emergency blanket, hygiene kit, hand warmer, flash light, radio, first aid kit

My bag: is actually a small rolling suit case because it has both mine and D's clothes and both our food kits, another emergency blanket, glow lights and hand warmers (plus, I will probably be carrying L's bag so I needed another form of transporting the stuff I needed to take)

J's bag: his clothes and food kit, his mess kit and a roll of tp, an emergency blanket, 1 bottle of water, a glow light and hand warmers

E's bag: her clothes and food kit, her mess kit and an extra hygiene kit, an emergency blanket, 1 bottle of water, a glow light and hand warmers

L's bag: her clothes, food kit, mess kit, an emergency blanket, another roll of toilet paper, 1 bottle of water, a glow light, hand warmers and a package of baby wipes (can never be too clean in an emergency)

It wasn't really practical for L to have to carry as much as J, so I divided the essentials up. D gets the heavy stuff :) If we have more than a few minutes to grab stuff, we have the packs now stored with our camping stuff so we can grab sleeping bags and a stove with out taking more time. I know there are things, too, over time that I think, Oh, I need to add that to our packs! Like more hand warmers and glow sticks (great buys during Halloween clearance)! Also, I just remembered I need to put games and activity books or coloring books into the packs! The kiddos will need something to keep them occupied while out and about!!

Just thought I'd share my learning experience so you can know, it's not as overwhelming as it seems. Once you have all the food arranged, you can get it all put together in just a few hours! Happy Planning :)

28 September 2010

8 Questions

My sister tagged me from her blog All 4 Speakers. Thanks, Sis! :) I'll try to not bring up the sewing machine...

1. What is your guilty pleasure when you are home alone and no one to see?
a Bubble Bath with music, sometimes a book, always chocolate.
2. What is your favorite movie from your kids selection? One you don’t mind sitting to watch with them.
Any of the Barbie movies. They are all enjoyable, sometimes even funny :)
3. If you could remodel any room in your house and have someone else pay for it what room would it be?
The kitchen, hands down. The whole room needs a lesson in functionality.
4. What reality show would you most likely be on?
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader!!!
5. Do you have a go-to person that you tell everything to? (other than your husband) Why do you go to that person?
My sister. Honest. She's not afraid to tell me to suck it up and move on :) only when I need to hear it, of course.
6. What is the story/ meaning behind your child’s first name? Or if you don’t have kids, what is a name you have picked out, and why?
When I was pregnant with Eliza, before I had my first ultrasound, I had a really strong feeling I was pregnant with a girl. And I wanted her to have a name that meant something, someone she would be proud to have her name. And, I didn't want anything trendy. I was working for a dentist at the time. One day a patient came in, a young lady around 16, and her name was Eliza. Usually, when you think of Eliza, she's an old woman :) But the first thing I thought of was Eliza R Snow. Well, if this young lady could pull off Eliza, then so could another baby grow up with it. So, I bought a book about Eliza R Snow. The more I read it, the more I knew my baby would make a great Eliza.
7. How many purses do you own? How often do you change them?
Um, I'd have to go count to make positively sure. I think I have seven. But three of those have sleeves with reversible designs on them so the possibilities are endless :) I change purses every few months. Right now I have a sleeve on one of the small tan hand bags with fall colors. I'll change it to the black one with another sleeve once it starts staying cold.
8. What is the most expensive article of clothing you have (other than jewelry) Where do you wear it and do you wear it often?
I paid $90 for a pair of slacks a few years ago. They fit great and are great quality. They are my go-to item when I don't want to dress up but can't wear jeans. I mostly ware them to work/school functions. But, as long as I don't grow out of them :) I'll have them for years. Totally worth $90!

24 September 2010

Bee Under My...Curtains!

I don't know what happened. I guess I had a few days off and I didn't fell like baking (I know, I know, I must be feeling sick or something) but I had this problem:

And you can see how glaring this problem can be as we're watching TV or a movie before the sun sets (you're looking West out that door, basement family room). Very annoying. My first solution? Tack a blanket up of course :) Then my M-in-L came over with an offering:

"I found these as I was cleaning out my basement and thought you might be able to use them (because you have a blanket thumb-tacked to the wall)." Though, I must admit, it was waaaaaay more stylish than the alternative (not to mention FREE). And if it were any other day, I probably would have just left it like that. But there is something about raw edges and gaping holes that rubs me the wrong way, and as they were, it left something to be desired. So, as I saw it, I had no choice. Out came my M-in-Law's sewing machine :) Yes, I have hers cuz my sister took back my Mom's that I had. Yes, I should just buy my own. Or, borrow my sister's new one that she HASN'T EVEN USED YET. Just sayin...

AnYwAy... In my sewing box (that used to be my Mother's) I found some left over fabric and started measuring and pinning. Then, once I worked the kinks out of the machine, went to town with my straight stitches!! Straight being a relative term. NeVeR look at my seams :) After a few touch-ups while hanging, they're ready for their blogging debut!!

I really wanted to find a darker fabric that would have complimented the navy blue, but red and ecru go with navy as well. I know you can't tell from this pic but it's an ecru rattan fabric with red stripes, almost vintage-looking, except I bought it from Wal-Mart years ago for a quilting project that was never started. Well, I guess I'll have a patriotic room for a while. I really can't argue with FREE, minus a few hours of my day--yes, I said hours. Did I mention I don't have my own sewing machine?? Still, I LoVe that I actually finished one day...and didn't put it off. Thanks, M-in-L for the inspiration...and the sewing machine :)

P.S. In the first picture, can you tell there is a creature in front of the door?? More on HIM soon! :)

20 September 2010

Evidence of the Craziness that is my Life

Funny story:

16 September was 5 years being married (to each other...just wanted to clarify). We've been together for 6 years. Well, 29 September 2004 was our first date. All year I've talked to him about wanting to do this or that, eat at this restaurant, go somewhere, buy me this...or not. I change my mind a lot. But it was all just 'something in the future.' Nothing ever really was planned.

And what happens when we don't plan??

We forget :)

Yup. We both forgot. I was working that day; D was on the road driving something somewhere. But, it wasn't just something we forgot and were all, "Hey, oh man. Too bad we didn't arrange to be together today, but Happy Anniversary anyway." Oh, no! I don't remember what even made me think of it, but Saturday night (two entire days later!!), after a loooong day at the fair and the kids in bed and D fast asleep, I realized we forgot the ENTIRE day.

Then I giggled, realizing that I remembered before him! I can get something out of that, right? Maybe at least some See's chocolates ;)

Happy 5 years, D. I'm so glad we found each other. I have a feeling there will be many more years to come and hopefully better planning :) xoxox

01 September 2010

First Day of School

I know, everyone else has already gone back to school, but since Eliza's new Charter School building still looks like this:

...they had to postpone the start date. Well, as of last Saturday, it looked like that :) The landscaping still needs to be put in and the main concrete floors still need to be stained, but it still looks great and will be an amazing building! We're really excited! Well, E was more nervous than excited, but after school today she was waaay more excited :)
Eliza, first day of third grade, Quail Run Primary School

Waiting at the bus stop with a few more nervous kids :)

Below: "When do I get to go to school??" Now, good night from Northern Utah County. May tomorrow bring you less chaos than today :) (that was more for myself...)
Enjoy :)

22 August 2010

When in Rome... Send a Postcard

No, I'm not going anywhere. Quite the contrary. I'm just reading another book :)

If I come across a book that has been turned into a movie, I will see the movie first...for a few reasons: 1-the book is always better and I don't like to leave a movie disappointed (ie: Twilight), 2-when I'm reading, the images in the movie help shape the images in my head while I read.

Have you ever read a book then found out the actors who will play the characters from the book and you say, "That is soooooo not what Edward is supposed to look like..." (Am I the only one on that point??) Besides, then when I'm reading, I can concentrate on the story and not making images that may have to change depending on my movie-viewing habits :)

Anyway, I love Julia Roberts so I was excited to watch another movie with her, but the more I heard about this book from others I decided to start the book (since I wait to see movies at the discount theater) and have some time to read.

I'm not done with the book. I'm only about half-way through the first of three parts of it. So why am I writing about it now? Because I'm enjoying it :) She has a really fun and funny writing style that cracks me up! I keep thinking..."I would LOVE to go to Italy and just job, no responsibility...just eat gelato and practice Italian..." But I didn't decided to end a marriage of 8 years with a messy two-year divorce and needed time to figure myself out... so, to each their own.

I do get, however, to live vicariously through her. Right now I am thoroughly enjoying her descriptions of Rome and how she's handling Italian life and I'm looking forward to learning more about India and Indonesia! See?? Learning about the world without leaving my living room.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it all; I love to travel!! I miss traveling. That may be the only thing I miss after having a family and responsibilities...traveling (planes, trains, trams, going somewhere, arriving at a destination in a new city, being in another culture). However, no matter how many places I visit or buildings I walk through or art I see... my choices took me in a different direction, and I wouldn't change a thing.

For now, books will suffice (did I mention I was enjoying this book??) and I can fondly remember my jaunting around Switzerland and Austria sooo long ago.

Later, when the children are taking care of themselves... I'll send them postcards :)

18 August 2010


Well, technically, I've been home since Saturday, but it was a busy week and I needed time to relax and revive (thankyouverymuch, large soaking bathtub!!) and put off doing laundry and moving camping contents out of my living room (notice I didn't say 'away' just 'out of my living room'...).
Now, as promised, pictures of our New Home and some of my favorites of Redfish 2010
FYI: click on the "notes" under the picture for captions

Our New Home

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Redfish Lake, ID 2010

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09 August 2010

We're Going on Vacation

I'll be back...eventually :)

I'll have pictures...promise

A preview of my most favorite place on Earth from last year...

(this was actually taken myself...I know, huh? Well, it's not hard when the scenery is amazing...)

08 August 2010

Wow, Everyone's Excited!

Sorry, everyone, about no pics of the new house. I guess now you'll have to wait until I get back from Redfish, as I am currently out of town :)

Have a fun week! See you on the flip side!

06 August 2010

Home Sweet Home

Life has been a bit crazy. In a super spur-of-the-moment decision (a moment which was literally handed to us), we decided to move...again. I knew our then-living situation would be temporary, but I never realized how small 5 people in 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and no room in the kitchen for a proper table could be! :) But we made it work. It was a good situation, but when this opportunity presented itself, I realized just how tight everything was.

5 July: stumbled on the place ("We can do this, wow, we can totally do this!")

6 July: signed paperwork

13 July: started moving things into the garage until the painters were finished

28 July: finished moving everything else

So the last few weeks, we've been packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and unloading the garage :)

But, know what?? I'm not complaining. Why, you ask? a) I have a garage b) I have a kitchen with room for a proper table c) I have my own bathroom with a large soaking tub d) there is an area by the kids' room which has been designated 'the play area' e) there is an extra bedroom and bathroom f) there are 3 separate storage areas - not including the garage g) I have a dishwasher - machine h) I have room for my piano (formerly that of my parent's) :) I could go on, but you get the idea.

One night, after a long hot day, D and I were sitting outside on deck off the kitchen, looking at the view of Utah Valley, Utah Lake, Mnt Timp temple... enjoying the breeze after the super hot day and enjoying being off our feet. I just couldn't believe that this is now my home. We live here. We will be here for a very long time. We are Home.

01 August 2010

4 years ago today...

...I told the doctor this baby needs to come...soon! Thirteen hours of labor and a cesarean section later, she was in my arms, and really hasn't left since!

While she's always been on the smaller side, her mind is growing and growing! She's always amazing me with things she picks up from everything around her. She's also my cuddler and hugger... I could just squeeze her 'til her eyes pop out... but I won't. They're too amazing to look at! I still can't decided what color they are. When she was little, they were a very deep blue. To my dismay the color has faded a bit; now they aren't quite blue or quite green (like the rest of us), not quite gray. Which ever it is, I love the dark colored band that highlight's the iris :)

She is trying her hardest, this summer, to keep up with the older kids. She's overcome swimming fears and is the newest "fish" in the family. Bring on the goggles! She still loves to get dressed up and prefers a skirt or dress to pants or shorts; she'll cuddle with me for hours reading or looking at catalogs.

One of her many questions that made my heart melt: I was trying to explain why it wasn't okay for her to put gum on her clothes (after I found it on a jacket in the dryer). After I was done with what I thought was a perfectly age-appropriate explanation, she looked at me and said, "Mama, what is 'punished'?" Awww, man! Nothing, it's nothing. Forget I said it. Here, here's some gum. Go chew and read and jump on the couch and eat more candy and be a child!
I'm sorry, I'll remember next time :)
And, I can't wait to see how much more you will grow this next year!!

15 July 2010


So, I'm really into a show on TNT: HawthoRNe. It's in its second season... ER meets Jada Pinket Smith runing in heals :)

It's funny, though. She's supposed to be the CNO = Chief Nursing Officer of this facility. And she's everywhere! Now, I love the hospital where I work, but I have NEVER, in 5 years, seen our CNO. But Hawthorne is in the ER checking on patients, she's chatting it up with another nurse about a relationship with a doctor, she's in the OR trying to convince a surgeon to do some life-saving operation on a prison inmate who is on death row... TNT really knows drama.

Now, I know that's not reality. Especially when the surgeon is 'gowned' by an unsterile person :) but, that's not the point :) Two other nurses were having a conversation about 'doing something with your life' 'what about dreams' stuff like that. "Candy" (yes, that's really her character's name) has just unexpectedly returned from Afghanistan (Army Reserves) and is talking with "Ray" (the only nurse cast member that happens to be male) about what he "really" wants to do. She's encouraging him to go to medical school. He hems and haws and reluctantly admits to thinking about taking the MCAT. She's excited for him, blah blah blah.

So, I'm thinking, What's wrong with just being a nurse? Why is a nurse not good enough? Why is Candy not satisfied with Ray just being a nurse? Why is Ray not satisfied with just being a nurse? Or is he? Hmmmmm

Maybe I'm sensitive to that because I'm surrounded by doctors every day, in every stage of education, and sometimes I think, "Did I sell myself short? Could I have done more with my education?" Then, I realize that my choices took me in an entirely different direction in life. I chose to be a nurse because I enjoy taking care of people. And, I can do that and still be home with my family. Sure, I won't make the money of a doctor or lawyer, but that trade-off doesn't keep me up at night either.

Maybe Ray told Candy at some point that being a doctor was a life-long aspiration (I missed a few session 1 episodes) and now she's just trying to help him remember that...dunno. But, I love Jada and that she makes nursing cool :) Yes, she and I are on a first-name basis; you can touch me... I'm a nurse.

When I do meet the CNO of my hospital and she's not waring designer clothes with peep-toe heals, I'll be very disappointed.

04 July 2010

My Birthday with Fireworks

We were able to take E's good friend with us to the Stadium of Fire for E's birthday. We all had a fun time. L fell asleep toward the end, but was able to wake up in time for the fireworks :)

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03 July 2010

8 years ago today...

...I had been in labor for almost 17 hours. Three hours of pushing later, she finally decided to take her first breath (with a little help from the nurse!). I was so exhausted I could barely lift my head off the bed, but when I heard her first cry, I started crying with relief. She was swept away to the NICU for a few hours of monitoring and I think I slept the entire time she was away :)

Since then, however, I have done little sleeping. She's my early-riser, singer, dancer, performer, tumbler, artist and simply amazing. I can remember those first years like they were yesterday. And yet, she and I are able to have amazing conversations about life, scriptures, music, the pursuit of happiness... well, as far as what makes her happy :) She's so great with her sister, teaching her all sorts of things, reading to her, singing together, helping me with so many things. She definitely has my emotions...

And now, she'll be getting baptised next week. Wow. And then, I guess, life will go on as normal... It's just that at major milestones in life I tend to become a little more nostalgic... I can wait for the future because I know it will come much to soon, but I'm still excited to see how it all unfolds!

02 July 2010

Loosing It so many ways, you have no idea :)

But, seriously. My sister and I are participating in a Biggest Looser competition through my work. It started in May and ends in November. We're going for Life Changes, not just crash diets. So, I jump on board and had my sis do it with me. I guess even long distance support is better than none at all, right? :)

So, I was skimming Yahoo this morning, reading sports, World Cup, Headlines, etc, I came across this article... What's the Best for Weight Loss?

Weight for it...weight for it...

Cutting calories!!

Don't believe it? Here's the math:

If you saved about 45 calories per day for 2 years (730 days), that would be: 730 x 45 = 32,850 calories saved over 2 years.
The total number of "saved" calories (32,850) divided by the number of calories in 1 pound of weight (3,500) would be: 32,850/3,500 = 9.4, or about 9 pounds over 2 years!
(that little diddy was taken from the same article)

Really?? Cuz I was hoping for some other miracle drug or fruit or supplement that will melt away the pounds like nothin' else (as long as you are eating a diet full of veggies and working out 5-8 hours a week)!!

So, this article (and every other weight-loss piece of information) shows me and everyone else, there is no substitute for eating normal and having an active lifestyle.

Bugger. Back to the tread mill. Come on, Sis

26 June 2010

Now Watching...

Just finished this movie. Cute, fun, glad I waited for the DVD, totally predictable. Honestly, in order to keep from turning off the TV, I was checking my email, reading articles from Yahoo, texting on my phone. But, I did realize that, "Sheesh, she sure is running a lot..." No really, she really does a lot of running...

Fun, if you want something on as background noise. I did, however, love the soundtrack. I've already downloaded it from iTunes :) I guess it was more productive after all! Interesting...

21 June 2010

Oops, I Did It Again...

Father's Day! Yes, Father's Day! D made my Mother's Day so sweet, I wanted to do something fun for him, get him the best Father's Day present ever! So, I do all that, and I have the kids actually make their own cards for him and we have a great day with a BBQ at his parent's house. THEN, not only do I not mention any kind of nice bloggy tribute about Fathers here (as if there's some unwritten rule that bloggers have to blog on/about holidays), I forget to call my own Father! Did I mention I didn't even send him a card?? Yeah, that's me, Daughter of the Year. Well, I didn't want my mother to feel left out since I didn't send her a card, either...

By the way, why is it completely acceptable to buy power tools for Father's Day but is totally taboo to buy house-anything for Mother's Day?? D, just so you know, I would love a new vacuum!! Whatever the occasion.

14 June 2010

Bummer of a Deal

I've had a bunch of spam comments on a few post over the last few weeks and I'm tired of moderating comments, so I'm bringing back the word verification. Sorry :) but I'm sure you understand :)

10 June 2010

Back in the saddle, as it were...

I can't believe it's been 10 days since I've written anything...not that I haven't thought of anything to write, just haven't wanted to sit down and do it... kind of like my piling laundry (which D has done 4 - count them 4!!- loads today, while I'm away playing nurse with a bunch of docs). So, now, since I don't have laundry to complain about, I guess I could think of something interesting to write...Naaww. I'll just show you some pics :)

Here, E is practicing holding a violin. I'm totally serious when I say that this small violin is no larger than my forearm! She's so excited to start a String Program in her new school this fall.

And you thought the one E was holding was small, you can tell the proportion to L's arm!! Holy cow! How adorable would that be to see my small 4 year old playing Mary Had A Little Lamb??

Reminds me of a fire work :) Just a fun picture I took of a flower. No editing, either :)

This was just a week ago in Bountiful. This whole family is so much fun! :) D's Uncle and Aunt and their 8 sons and respective spouses and children. Yes, I said 8 boys. This was wedding #5. Number 6 will be next month! I love getting together with them, always such a fun time!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I'll think of something more interesting later... :)

30 May 2010

Parenthood, Disclosed

I don’t usually get into TV programs, well, not since Friends ended. That was 10 seasons of my life I will never get back. Seriously, though, I won’t turn the channel if I come across a re-run, even if I’ve seen it 10 times.

Anyway, my interests go in and out, mostly because I don’t have time to sit and watch every show I’d like to. Now, DVR has totally changed my TV viewing experience (but that’s another post). Today I want to get into WHY I was YELLING at the TV (well, more the actors) the other night.

The new series on NBC, Parenthood, piked my interest so I DVR’d the pilot after the Olympics and watched it a few days later. OMGoodness, wow. It was a whole new TV viewing experience. And that, coupled with the whole DVR…? I was rendered speechless. I had just watched a TV program about a family with every aspect of dysfunctional…there wasn’t a parental character that I couldn’t relate to. I guess the single music-producer son who’s afraid of commitment doesn’t really sing to me, but the others: the working mom and her parenting struggles, the single mom trying to get back on her feet, the wife who tries to be a peacemaker with her in-law family…I could go on. You get it. I’m addicted to this show.

So, the episode last week, the two cousins who are going to the same high school, are not talking because Amber (the older one) told Hattie (the younger one) not to be so quick to sleep with her (Hattie’s) boyfriend. So, Hattie was feeling pressure from her boyfriend to be intimate so she broke up with him. Amber was totally supportive. But, Amber gets a new job…at the country club…where said boyfriend’s family frequents…they inadvertently have a “connection,” one thing leads to another. Yeah. Amber feels terrible and decides to tells Hattie and is crying, repulsed with herself, trying to apologize to her. Hattie wants none of the apology and walks off. Later, Hattie’s friends are teasing Amber, making fun of her, calling her nice names I’m sure you can think of, please don’t make me type them :) Amber has had enough, tells Hattie that Steve had a connection with her (Amber) that he never had with Hattie. They start fighting, like girls, but they are on the ground and both get taken into the principal’s office and parents are called. Amber’s mom is the single one, trying to start over. Amber’s had her share of trouble. Hattie is considered the “good one.” Hattie tells their parents “Amber told me to break up with Steve, and then she slept with him” and runs off.

What REALLY gets me is that HATTIE BROKE UP WITH STEVE!! I know there is an unwritten law that friends (probably including cousins) don’t date/sleep with ex-boyfriends of friends/family. But Hattie’s mom is almost more upset about the situation than Hattie. AND, Hattie’s parents are blaming Amber’s mom! Well, Amber, too, but they told Susan that she needs to “deal” with it! Excuse me, but what ever happened to, “That really sucks, honey, but maybe you and Steve weren’t a great match.” What would be wrong with that?? Instead of causing a family rift over a 15 year old NOT SLEEPING WITH HER BOYFRIEND, they get mad at the other family…

Sigh…I was yelling at Adam and Christine (Hattie’s parents) what I would have said if I were in Susan’s shoes. That, and Grow Up! It would take too long to type, but you get the idea.

Wow. I was so worked up I had a hard time going to sleep. It’s just so frustrating how sometimes not everyone is willing to look at the other side of the situation. Yeah, it looks really bad, but really? Really? Can we get over ourselves and move on please? Your life isn’t the only thing that’s important. Maybe that’s why I was so upset. Hattie’s parents weren’t willing to see, even ask the other side of the story, or even acknowledge the fact that Hattie BROKE UP WITH HIM! Good heavens. :) Can't wait for next season!! And yes, I will totally DVR it!