26 December 2007

Christmas 2007

Wow! What a great time of year! Christmas truly can be magical. We had put a blanket over the doorway to the living room after we had everything set up for Christmas morning and had the baby gate up in the hallway. But about 8am, Eliza called down through the heater vent and said, "Mom! I have a DVD in my stocking!! My dollhouse is only medium-size though, not huge." Well, at least she was exceited about the DVD. :) They were exceited about their gifts. Lydia was more interested in what the other kids were opening than what I was trying to get her to open. Plus, the boxes truely were captivating for her!! :) We had some great ward members send the kids some presents, too. That was so great of them! Plus, Christmas Eve brought another surprize. Daryl was reading on the couch in the living room and heard someone open the screan door then ring the doorbell. When he answered the door, no one was there but there was an envelope taped to the door. We had been getting goodies all day from people and he thought it was another christmas card or letter. When he opened it up, there was a $100 bill inside a folded piece of paper!! Wow! I think next year, the kids will be old enough to enjoy doing a secret santa for someone else. Anyway, the kids played all day with their new toys and candy. Daryl's parents came up and we had a nice lunch together. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as well! Till next time!!