28 April 2011

The Wedding

You know, the one that has stopped the entire United Kingdom? And, let's be honest, some of our own plans. Yup, I will need a nap tomorrow late morning because I will be up before the sun even is to watch as much as I can! :-) Except I'll be eating rice cakes instead of crumpets or scones (stupid gluten intolerance)...but perhaps some peppermint tea for good measure

25 April 2011

Easter and a smart child

So, I've toyed before with the idea of just telling the kids that I am Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. I just hate all the hiding and lying and sneaking around. But I haven't because I don't want to kill the innocence and excitement. I figured they'll find out soon enough. And I was right. The girls and their cousins were at the table on Saturday eating lunch. I was in the kitchen cutting up fruit for them, listening. Sure enough, one of the older boys said, "You don't still believe in the Easter Bunny, do you?" I kept my back to them, waiting to hear how the rest of the conversation went. Eliza didn't say anything, probably not wanting to look like a "baby" in front of her older cousin (he can be a teaser).

I could have jumped in and stopped him, but I didn't. He quickly said, "It's just your parents." And I waited for the reaction, with my back to them, so I couldn't see her reaction. I didn't want her to see my face. The next thing I heard, they were running outside to play.

But it caught up with me later. I was helping the girls brush their teeth before bed. Lydia left the bathroom but Eliza stayed behind. I started brushing my teeth, Eliza asked, "Mom, are you really the Easter Bunny?" Yes, it's me and Dad. She just nodded her head, then I could see she was putting more puzzle pieces together..."Santa Clause...?" I nodded and smiled. She gave me a half-smile and I hugged her and asked her to not tell her sister. She agreed, then stopped. "Does this mean I don't get any more presents?" :) Always thinking.

So, the inevitable happened, and she seems ok with it, and I didn't have to be the one to kill the innocence. I was about her age when my brother told me about Santa Clause, and I turned
out OK. I still have a few more years before Lydia finds out...

16 April 2011

Funny, isn't it?

I am typing this in Utah, of all places :) Yes, we did move up to Idaho one week ago. That was a very challenging two days (three, I guess!). I'm here though, killing some time, waiting to be called into work so I can have some insurance until the end of the month :)

Thursday, I was able to get off work early and D had already picked up the moving truck (the largest U-Haul makes), so we started loading the big stuff. Later that evening, D's parents came to help. Thankfully, D's Dad is a Master Packer!! Freaking amazing. We put stuff in the truck and he would use his Master Tetras skills to find a place for it. However, after carefully filling the truck just half way, we quickly realized we were not going to have enough room! And frustration started creeping up.

I had a schedule worked up in my brain, and by the end of Thursday, I was mentally crumpling it then trying to flatten it out again, over and over. We can do this...This is never gonna work...Deep breath...How will this work...I just wanna go to bed and wake up and have this all over!!

We slept on air mattresses Thursday night. Friday I still had Eliza go to school. I wanted her to be able to say good bye to her friends. They all knew that was her last day. And I'm glad she did, too. Her teacher had made a Memory Book for her and had everyone sign it and they gave it to her Friday :)

Friday started with just more packing. I had to finish packing the clothes and the bathrooms and wanted to be finished packing early in the afternoon so I could start cleaning. We had reserved a room at a close hotel that had a pool, and I had a date with the jacuzzi AND I WAS NOT GOING TO MISS IT!!

But, by that afternoon, the truck was packed and we still had half a garage of stuff that wasn't in it. Soooo, I said Screw it. We are going to the hotel, and we'll come back in the morning with a trailer to finish packing the rest. I'll just clean Saturday while the carpet guy is there.

So, we took the kids swimming and swam and relaxed and swam and relaxed and went back to the room like raisins. After we showered, the girls and I went to scope out the vending machine and we got some treats and watched TV until late. I honestly don't know what time it was when I turned off Disney :)

Needless to say, the night was NOT long enough. At least I woke up refreshed and we had breakfast at the hotel. I knew it would be a long day, but all day long, the ONE thing that pretty much kept me sane was the thought that, even after moving all this stuff and unpacking everything into the storage lockers (three, to be exact), I already had a bed waiting for me that I didn't have to unpack and make. It was just there.

And THAT, my dear friends, was a much needed blessing. Thanks, Mom. I'll cook dinner for a month, just for that.