24 August 2011

Home Sweet...IKEA

I know this picture is dark, but I am again in love with my bedroom!
And, my family is well aware of my love for IKEA...I should have invested in their they have stock??
In all the places we've lived over the last 6 years, this room is the largest bedroom we've had to ourselves, and we have a King sized mattress! Oh, wait, the student apartment bedroom was large, too, but I didn't have these shears or these pillows!! :)
With the shape of the room, and our large bed, there was no other placement option of the bed than right in front of a wall of windows, the only long wall in the space. We've never had a headboard. It's just never been high on the priority list, but I've always had pillows. However, I've never actually bought a decorative pillow outside of the living room. Nope, I lied. I bought some fun pillows for the girls' beds last year. So, that was the first :) I guess I figured it was time for my bedroom...and when I saw them, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have them, and then decorate my bedroom around them.
Another thing I've never had: nightstands, at least matching ones. Honestly, the ones I wanted, I can't really justify right now, but I was tired of not having anything. So I bought these because the price was right. I was skeptical on the color, but it was the only one available. Again, the price was right. And now? Oh, how I love them!! The perfect casual color, the perfect place for my lamps that I've waiting so long to be able to use (lamp shade here)...lamp sticks were bought at Wal-Mart over a year ago and have been in storage until now...
The shears are white and gauzy and flowing and huge! And YES they really are $4.99 for TWO panels!! They are long, too, and the package says you can cut to length but I didn't cut them because I likes how they gathered on the floor. I have 6 panels total, three on each side of the bed. The moment they were all on the rod and arranged, the room felt so much softer and cozier! Just makes me want to cozy up in my down comforter and down pillows with hot chocolate and a book!

16 August 2011

Drawing Near...

The summer flew by. The kids were able to go on a few camping trips with D's family and I was able to join them at Cherry Hill, but my new job has taken up most of my time this summer. I didn't compromise on the Annual Redfish Lake pilgrimage, however...I DO have priorities.

Other than that, the family has been hanging at home, playing at the neighborhood playground, a few play dates up the street and of course, hours at Nannie's and Papa's (my parents).

The summer is coming to an end...I feel seeing the last few pages of a good book and thinking, "No! It can't end yet! I want more story! I want more adventure! Don't end yet; I don't want to go back to doing dishes!" Oh, you don't have those feelings regarding books? Well, you haven't read a really good one then!

Yes, things are winding down. The kids are getting restless from a lack of structure (I can just tell it's eating them up). Ok, maybe it's just ME getting restless, but still. Yesterday, the temp outside wasn't a bazillion degrees so it got my system remembering that FALL is coming! Yeah!

I didn't plant a garden this year, not to insinuate I've done so in the past. Just sayin' there isn't a Fall Harvest to look forward to. I'm just looking forward to getting all of us on a routine. Not to worry: the ROUTINE will be age and developmentally appropriate. Just because I am a Recovering Perfectionist doesn't mean I have to give up on routines, I just 'scale it down' a bit... Is lamination of the Chore Chart too much? Nah...

14 August 2011

School? What the...

I just found out a few days ago that school doesn't start where we live now until September 1st!! Holy crow...what's up with that! Idaho sure likes it's summer vactions...and I have to admit we enjoy the scenary...

On the OTHER hand, I HAVE AN ENTIRE EXTRA WEEK TO GET THE KIDS READY FOR SCHOOL! I used to feel I feel like I can enjoy the next few weeks...we have an extra week to play! I have an extra week to find: a piano teacher, a tennis instructor, a preschool and a dance teacher...BUT, D and I already have anneversary reservations :)

Priorities are crucial ;)