15 July 2010


So, I'm really into a show on TNT: HawthoRNe. It's in its second season... ER meets Jada Pinket Smith runing in heals :)

It's funny, though. She's supposed to be the CNO = Chief Nursing Officer of this facility. And she's everywhere! Now, I love the hospital where I work, but I have NEVER, in 5 years, seen our CNO. But Hawthorne is in the ER checking on patients, she's chatting it up with another nurse about a relationship with a doctor, she's in the OR trying to convince a surgeon to do some life-saving operation on a prison inmate who is on death row... TNT really knows drama.

Now, I know that's not reality. Especially when the surgeon is 'gowned' by an unsterile person :) but, that's not the point :) Two other nurses were having a conversation about 'doing something with your life' 'what about dreams' stuff like that. "Candy" (yes, that's really her character's name) has just unexpectedly returned from Afghanistan (Army Reserves) and is talking with "Ray" (the only nurse cast member that happens to be male) about what he "really" wants to do. She's encouraging him to go to medical school. He hems and haws and reluctantly admits to thinking about taking the MCAT. She's excited for him, blah blah blah.

So, I'm thinking, What's wrong with just being a nurse? Why is a nurse not good enough? Why is Candy not satisfied with Ray just being a nurse? Why is Ray not satisfied with just being a nurse? Or is he? Hmmmmm

Maybe I'm sensitive to that because I'm surrounded by doctors every day, in every stage of education, and sometimes I think, "Did I sell myself short? Could I have done more with my education?" Then, I realize that my choices took me in an entirely different direction in life. I chose to be a nurse because I enjoy taking care of people. And, I can do that and still be home with my family. Sure, I won't make the money of a doctor or lawyer, but that trade-off doesn't keep me up at night either.

Maybe Ray told Candy at some point that being a doctor was a life-long aspiration (I missed a few session 1 episodes) and now she's just trying to help him remember that...dunno. But, I love Jada and that she makes nursing cool :) Yes, she and I are on a first-name basis; you can touch me... I'm a nurse.

When I do meet the CNO of my hospital and she's not waring designer clothes with peep-toe heals, I'll be very disappointed.

04 July 2010

My Birthday with Fireworks

We were able to take E's good friend with us to the Stadium of Fire for E's birthday. We all had a fun time. L fell asleep toward the end, but was able to wake up in time for the fireworks :)

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03 July 2010

8 years ago today...

...I had been in labor for almost 17 hours. Three hours of pushing later, she finally decided to take her first breath (with a little help from the nurse!). I was so exhausted I could barely lift my head off the bed, but when I heard her first cry, I started crying with relief. She was swept away to the NICU for a few hours of monitoring and I think I slept the entire time she was away :)

Since then, however, I have done little sleeping. She's my early-riser, singer, dancer, performer, tumbler, artist and simply amazing. I can remember those first years like they were yesterday. And yet, she and I are able to have amazing conversations about life, scriptures, music, the pursuit of happiness... well, as far as what makes her happy :) She's so great with her sister, teaching her all sorts of things, reading to her, singing together, helping me with so many things. She definitely has my emotions...

And now, she'll be getting baptised next week. Wow. And then, I guess, life will go on as normal... It's just that at major milestones in life I tend to become a little more nostalgic... I can wait for the future because I know it will come much to soon, but I'm still excited to see how it all unfolds!

02 July 2010

Loosing It so many ways, you have no idea :)

But, seriously. My sister and I are participating in a Biggest Looser competition through my work. It started in May and ends in November. We're going for Life Changes, not just crash diets. So, I jump on board and had my sis do it with me. I guess even long distance support is better than none at all, right? :)

So, I was skimming Yahoo this morning, reading sports, World Cup, Headlines, etc, I came across this article... What's the Best for Weight Loss?

Weight for it...weight for it...

Cutting calories!!

Don't believe it? Here's the math:

If you saved about 45 calories per day for 2 years (730 days), that would be: 730 x 45 = 32,850 calories saved over 2 years.
The total number of "saved" calories (32,850) divided by the number of calories in 1 pound of weight (3,500) would be: 32,850/3,500 = 9.4, or about 9 pounds over 2 years!
(that little diddy was taken from the same article)

Really?? Cuz I was hoping for some other miracle drug or fruit or supplement that will melt away the pounds like nothin' else (as long as you are eating a diet full of veggies and working out 5-8 hours a week)!!

So, this article (and every other weight-loss piece of information) shows me and everyone else, there is no substitute for eating normal and having an active lifestyle.

Bugger. Back to the tread mill. Come on, Sis