29 June 2009

A Moment As A Parent...

...when you think, "That could have gone better..."

Me: Can . We . Fix It?

L: No . We . Can't!

Me: Really?

L:'s not funny, Mama.

Okay... let's move on then...

25 June 2009

Is There A ______ In The House?

I've had a bee under my bonnet for a little while now, and maybe - if I put it out into the www - I'll be able to be rid of it for a time.

I've been contemplating going back to school...

***Keep breathing, Mom. I haven't jumped off any bridges yet. I'm just thinking out loud***

I guess that's what happens when a person is surrounded by academia. D is going to school. Practically everyone I work with is in some form of school. Obviously my whole social network (since we live on campus) is going to some form of school. Goodness, even the kids are going to school!!

So, do I feel left out? Or do I think I'm missing something? For a long time, after I graduated, I was so grateful to be DONE with school and papers and research and long nights at the library and more papers... **sigh**

Actually thinking about taking the GRE gives me anxiety, but I looked into it last night. I also looked at some programs at the U last night. Baby steps...I guess I'm admitting to myself that it's not a question of "If" but rather "When." I'm still incredibly nervous about the idea and have butterflies even now while I'm typing.

Anyone need a Pharmacist??

18 June 2009

Summer Time

It was SUCH a beautiful day, and it's been so long since I've had the kids' picture taken. Unfortunately, paying a photographer is not really in the budget, so I did what any starving student family would do...grab my trusty ol'......... anyway, we took some pics down with the flowers (and other brides) at Temple Square. Just thought I'd share, cuz I think they're so darn CUTE!

12 June 2009

"Teeth Pulled 7cents. With Wiskey 12cents"

Even with the stormy weather, we enjoyed yesterday an eye-opening experience at "This Is the Place" park in SLC, right across the street from the Hogle Zoo. That is, the entrance is across the street. The Park itself is acres and acres of a working pioneer village. Rows of houses and cabins (some replicas and others are actual re-locations!) offering explanations and demonstrations of simply living, everyday. There was even a stand-off at noon in the town square! We saw it from the Hotel balcony as we were eating our picnic lunch!

This day happened to be a "free day" thanks to the Huntsman Foundation and the family we went with said there were never this many visitors at one time. But even with the crowds, it did not feel crowded. Goes to show just how expansive this place is! We started our visit with a motorized train ride around the park and got a small idea of where we'd like to visit (didn't visit half the things we wanted!). The pony ride was a favorite, but for the E and our friend's oldest daughter, I think they just enjoyed running, and running...and running, together. :) Thanks, again, Lori and I can't wait to go again and experience more things!

04 June 2009

What an Accomplishment

Notice the new widget on the left. I know, it's not for "New Moon" but I can go to my sister's site for that one :)

A great friend of mine spent the last 4 years of her life co-conspiring and doing her beautiful magic artwork for this book, a great story that needs to be shared.

Talking about accomplishments, this project I believe was the start of her gaining, slowly, more self-confidence and realizing that, "Yah, I really do have something I can contribute." Everyone has a story. She and I related well to each other. I was sad to have to move so far away at a difficult time in her life, but she is doing great, even better than just having a book release. I knew she could do it, and more :)

Many Congrats, Brandilyn!

Miss you :)