07 September 2011

Cancer Surgery

D's surgery went "technically perfect," according to the surgeon (both of them). They were both happy with the results. All the margins looked good: they were able to get enough healthy tissue surrounding the tumor to safely say the tumor is removed. He was in surgery for 6 hours then in recovery for two hours. He's now resting in his room and should be released tomorrow.

He's been in SLC since last Wednesday for doctor appointments and tests and scans. I've been here in ID, holding down the fort. I opted to stay here because the girls started school last week and their first dance classes and piano classes started this week. I'm trying to keep things as normal for them as possible. D's parents are with him and we talk with each other every night, but everyone was more emotional last night. We'll be glad to get him home!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. His doctor isn't sure yet if D will need more chemo. It will depend on the pathology. We should hear about that sometime next week.

03 September 2011

I'm Doing It...

Nothing crazy, don't you worry :)
I came across this blog today, and whatdoyaknow? She's doing a Giveaway of My Memories digital scrapbook software!! Holy Crow!! Check out her blog for the giveaway and check out the MM link! Such cute templates AND great sales! I now have a new past time! Move over Pintrest! I've got to organize my photos!!

Thanks, guys!