29 September 2009

What Happened to September??

Where did the month go?

We started the month with another move to an even smaller apartment (with a bigger storage shed) closer to D's parents. D's still having health problems that are interfering with school so he's going to take a break.

Now, the leaves are changing. We enjoyed a beautiful ride up the canyon Sunday evening, even though the warm weather is still holding on. Well, I should say D and I enjoyed the ride. E's been sick with a cold so I thought she'd enjoy getting out for a bit. Apparently, looking a leaves is "boring" and it all ended up with her getting carsick on the way back down the canyon. To her defense, though, when I was younger, looking at leaves wasn't on the top of my list either, but I don't ever remember actually telling my parents exactly how miserable I was. She doesn't hold anything back.

Now, October is looming and so are the costumes...(sigh)

The party season is starting early. I better catch up and loose the cold!!

26 September 2009

Carrera Marble

These two words evoke a literal daydream, where I go to my happy place: my dream kitchen.

I have yet to see it in a picture, but I envision it in my mind. I came very close to seeing my dream home when we went through a model home at Bear Lake's Parade of Homes over Labor Day weekend. When we drove up to the driveway, my heart started beating faster. I sat in the car for a few moments, afraid to go in, afraid to be disappointed. I finally took a deep breath and left the car, because, truthfully, I was completely curious! I couldn't wait to see what was behind the Craftsman door!

I can't even begin to describe to you what this house was like, every detail, every built-in, every reading nook. Except that, when I walked through the front door, I had to literally hold back tears because there was a sales man there to greet us. I blamed it on itchy contacts :)

There were still a few things (very few) that I might have changed if we were to build it, but if I could have moved that house down to somewhere in Sugar House (anywhere east of 1300 E), I would have signed all the paperwork right then and there.

Alas, here I sit, in our two-bedroom cozy apartment, watching HGTV and dreaming of my dream kitchen/home. This apartment is the key to our future being debt-free and someday, having that carrera marble somewhere in that dream house!

p.s. OMGoodness! This is the house!! I wish you could see the inside!

25 September 2009

Teaching Moment In A Blink

Last Sunday, I was getting ready for church and E came in and announced she wouldn't be going to church today. I wasn't really surprised, just more annoyed because she tells me this every week. I'm getting so tired of this argument/discussion. I don't want it to be an argument and I don't want her to hate being dragged to church. I want her to WANT to go, but my frustration is finding a way to get her to that point.

So, I asked her, "Do you know what the most important reason is that we go to church? Why do we even GO to church?"
"Why?" she replies, inquisitive.
And that was the beginning of a great conversation about the Sacrament and why we take the Sacrament.

Then, "What are the commandments?"

Really? My heart sank. My own child is 7 years old and doesn't know the commandments, I thought to myself.

"Who is Satan?" she continues, after I mention that the Holy Ghost helps protect us from him.

I have a great story, I said. I pulled out the scripture story picture books from the Old Testament. Before I even start the story, she looks at one picture and points to one of the men, "Oh yah, that's him. He just doesn't look nice." Then, I found the story about Moses and the 10 Commandments. I read each one then went to explain it in 7 year old language, but before I could finish the explanation, she would already be explaining it to me. The only one she didn't know was Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. :) Yeah, we aren't suppose to touch or look at other people's private parts. She took it (phew!!)

And that was it; it was over, her interest had waned. But, there was no more arguing, no more dragging feet, no more tears. I realized that her questions weren't because of a lack of teaching, but more of a desire for knowledge, details. She knew the information, just wasn't famliar with the phrasing. Having her ask questions is great, because then I can make sure she has the right information. The point is, to be available for more of those teaching moments that can pass by in a Blink!

24 September 2009

Because I'm the Mom

E asks all kinds of random questions, most of which have no answer so I'll make something up.

What are we supposed to do if the sky falls?
Grab a blanket and watch the show.
You just made that up.
Nope. I love watching the clouds and lightening.
Do you know everything?
Cuz I'm a mom. Once you're a mom, you'll know everthing too.
Why do people have to get sick?
Germs; please wash your hands.
What if it's not germs? What if it's cancer like Daddy's?
Dunno. Sometimes it just happens.
I thought you said you knew everthing.
Not everything has an answer :)

Score one for Mom!

22 September 2009

Yes, Really

Just because John Stewart makes fun of Republicans doesn't mean he's not hilarious doing it!! :) I'm not saying he's not THE ONLY MOST FUNNY comedian ever, I was just glad to see SOMEONE I KNOW actually win an award, even deserving (ie: Justin Timberlake) sigh

Your Loving Sister

21 September 2009

2009 Emmy What???

I relatively do not enjoy watching award shows, except for the Oscars. But, even then, I'll just flip to it occasionally while I'm watching something else more worth my time, like Good Eats or House Hunters or the History Channel for Pete's sake :)

Last night was no different; the 2009 Emmy's were on but we were watching a super great football game!! The Giants totally upset the Cowboys in Dallas (sorry, all my family and friends that live in Texas). Well, not totally upset but Romo's mouth needs some soap, that's for darn sure. The Giants were ahead almost the whole game. Dallas fought back in the last quarter to be up by one, then NY fired down the field in 3 or 4 plays into field goal range and made a field goal -- not once but twice, because RIGHT before the snap Dallas called a time out -- with NO TIME left!! Awwwwe---sooome! Then I watched House Hunters, then went to bed.

So, this morning I'm getting the recap of the Emmy winners this morning. The following is a short synopsis of my thoughts:
Never heard of that show
Never heard of that show
Who's that?
Why does Alec Baldwin always win? Give it a REST already! I don't watch 30 Rock anyway, maybe he is funny, but funnier that Steve Carell? Come ON!
Gray What?
Mad Men?
House of Saddam? Really?
John Stewart, okay, yeah he's hilarious, but there is actually a vote for a variety show?? Does that mean HeeHaw gets to come back?
Little Dorrit?? What the h...?
There was actually a vote for Guest Actors...they are really scraping bottom, but Justin Timberlake can have my vote anytime :)

But what was really confusing, the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony won TWO awards...

Whatever. I hate stroking egos and ratings anyway.

I'll stick with my Good Eats and House Hunters, TYVM (thank you very much)

Go Broncos!! :)

19 September 2009

Utah State Fair (ie: People Watching At Its Finest)

Who goes to the State Fair without a camera?? Apparently I do. Not only did I leave the camera home, I also left most of my Sunny Day common sense with it (sunscreen, hats), but I'll be darned if I didn't pack jackets for everyone and blankets JUST IN CASE someone were to get cold in the EVENING! Did I mention it was 90+ degrees today?? And a very beautiful blue sky; no clouds to cover our fun-filled Fair day.

Naw, we sought lots of shade and water and the kids hardly got any color. Me, on the other hand, has a nice set of raccoon eyes and red lines on my neck that my shirt currently is rubbing...

Anyway, so back to People Watching. If this were a sport, I would soooooo be all over it. This is my most fun thing to do. But I have to do it by myself. If I'm doing this with anyone else, it can turn into a judgement session: Do you NOT have a mirror at home? Seriously? You are actually wearing that...around other people?

See? That's just not nice, even more so that they (thankfully) can't hear my awful judgements. Besides, who am I to judge what someone else deems appropriate? I just turn my head and move on with my day.

But when I'm alone, or have a few minutes alone, I just watch all the people go by and think:
Such a cute prego belly! Gosh, it's crazy that I will never have that again. For crying out loud, there are a lot of pregnant people here!
He's just not that into her. Someone should tell her...
I'm sure glad my kids don't throw tantrums
Hair extensions are fun; I can't wait to do it again
Why is everything at the Fair so expensive? Why do we pay those prices?
How safe are the rides? That thought alone creeps me out
He's not that into her, either! What's wrong with the girls? You're cute; go find someone who cares about YOU and not just some arm candy! Geez, I can see it from here!
Ouch, that's gonna be a worse sunburn than mine. Well, I guess it pays to wear something other than a bra and tank top. Burnt cleavage: not cool
Can I still get some sort of Chastity Belt with blinders? Wow, that could be a whole blog topic by itself!
Oh, good, D's back. I need a Funnel Cake and a Snow Cone!!

18 September 2009

Music Is My Boyfriend

Music is what gets me moving through my day. In high school, my alarm would wake me up with a radio station instead of giving me a heart attack with that stupid beeping sound. My alarm now is my phone and my only alarm option is the heart-attack beep, but the ipod is my "get-me-through-the-day" soundtrack. Plus, I get to listen to music all day at work, which helps. Not always my choice of music, but better than nothing :)

Driving to work today, I was be-bopping along with the tunes on the radio thinking, How would life be different without music?? Seriously. Even classical music gets me moving. How adorable is it when your 3 year old is singing the actual lyrics to a Taylor Swift song?? Even more hilarious? When she's fumbling through "Battlefield, battlefield, battlefield...Better go and get your armour."

Yeah, we listen to a lot of music. If the TV isn't on for background noise, the radio is. I can't stand being at home or in the car and having it all quiet. There are exceptions to these times, but if I'm doing housework or baking or crafting or driving, I need background noise.

My favorite? Books on CD! Awesome way to kill two birds with one stone.
BTW, Sister of Mine, I would like my Twilight CDs back :)
Thanks, your loving Sister

14 September 2009

It Really Happened

The girls were playing in their room (this sentence could lead us in sooo many different directions, however...). I hear a soft thump, a muffled snivel, a muffled thud then the culmination of cries while both hollering, MOM!

I waited, seeing if my presence was really necessary. L, all the same, felt obliged to insist on my company.

I never know who's telling the right story. E insists she's not at fault; L doesn't understand how to not-lie (as evidenced by myself witnessing a hit then she'll turn right around and tell me she didn't do it). So, this particular time, L is holding her arm, saying E hit her; E insists she fell of the chair (which could have been true; she likes to stand on it). I wasn't mad, but I sat down on the floor with them and put L in my lap and rocked her, because she was crying.

As I'm trying to talk with them about what to do next, laughing at the chaos that is their bedroom, E looked at me and said, "You love her more than me."


She was tears-in-her-eyes, completely serious.

It's easy to snuggle with little ones; you can pick them up and hold them. Bigger ones are difficult to physically maneuver (ie: toss in the air, fling over your shoulder, hang upside down, carry in your arms). I can see where she might get that. When I sat down, L was closer and smaller, so I grabbed her. Sometimes you just can't win.

But I learned a lesson (actually, I've been thinking about it but that day it was just thrown in my face with a brick) They are old enough that I need to start spending one-on-one time with each of them, especially since I'm gone so much during the week and weekends are crammed with "family time" (and that is a very loose translation, since I am sometimes called back into work).

Wow. Time for some Big Girl Bonding Time.

09 September 2009

In a Cave with Sunglasses?

Seriously? Yup. We took the family and met my in-laws at a condo in Bear Lake over the holiday weekend. Bless their hearts, they had a ton of fun things planned for us to do. Good thing: I didn't have to spend the weekend entertaining the kiddos. Not-so-good-thing: I just had PRK done on my eyes and couldn't see, much less keep them open very long. But, I wanted to be supportive of their family activities. They love helping the grandkiddos experience interesting things.

So, I'm one day post-PRK and using artificial tears every 2 minutes and wearing large, black, industrial-size sunglasses to keep random things from blowing into my eyes. And we drive up to Minatonka Cave. Yes, that's right. We are going into a dark, damp cave and I have to wear sunglasses :) Picture that. Can you imagine the looks? REALLY? Then, at the very back of the cave, the guide turns out the light so we all can experience TOTAL DARKNESS BUT I CAN STILL FEEL THE DRAFT and I don't want anything to fly into my EYES!

Bonus: LeBeu's Raspberry Shake :)