02 May 2011

As the world turns...

So, my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the wedding festivities on Friday. Even gasped appropriately when we saw the Dutchess in her amazing bridal gown. So fun!!

It was a fun weekend, too. We visited the Open House of the new hospital where I will start working shortly. I usually avaoid crowds, but I really wanted to take the kids to this so I could show them the OR, where I'll be working, because they can't normally see where I work. There were lots of people, but there were activites all along the tour for the children, and things moved well. Plus, lots of food! :)

There's always family drama with us, but when I was getting ready for bed last night, I saw the news about Bin Laden and everything seems right with the world, at least for a few moments. I'm nervous about retaliation, but it feels like we have the upper hand for once. A huge thanks to our Service men and women and the hard work and sacrifices they've made for all of us. We can never repay you or your families. Thank you for my freedom.