24 April 2008

Confessions of a Card Game

These confessions might start being a regualr part of my blogging. I find it quite cathartic to get these things off my mind and realize that even though they are corney, I'm not a bad person for having random thoughts (in this case, actions).

I notoriously cheat at card games, Yahtzee, Sorry, BS or Pirate's Dice (but Pirate's Dice and BS don't really count because those are all about deception)...basically any game that involves cards and dice and taking advantage of many people waiting for a turn and not paying attention.

The confession started when I was explaining to Daryl the memories I have of our family camping trips when I was younger. There were a lot of rainy days and since we only had a tent, we were forced to spend time together. :) So I'm explaining that some of my most vivid memories were of all of us, stranded in a tent (warm and dry) and playing some sort of game (family favs were Rack-O, Uno, Yahtzee). I would, if I could see no one was paying particular attention, switch a card drawn for a different one or roll an extra roll or two with the dice to get different numbers, trying desperately for the Yahtzee or at least a friggin' large straight!! Then, Mack coming unglued, "Can you please stop her?!?" Looking back, I don't know which is better, getting away with a sly card switch or remembering the torture I caused my oh-so-sneaky older brother (he may remember it differently). Luckily we get along well. ;)

So you see, I'm not loading my decks or padding my numbers; I'm simply taking a roll out of turn or switching a that really terrible? It never helps me win, if that's any consolation to anyone. I guess you'll just be more mindful if you're playing with me!

Curses, I've exposed myself! Better than dancing around a stupid toilet. :)

19 April 2008

New Poll

Wasn't that last poll about the chances of conceiving fun?? Thanks to all who put in their guesses. We'll see what happens! No news yet, but we aren't really holding our breath. Anyway, I'm getting ready to actually BUY some paint for my kitchen. I've been collecting paint cards and straining my eyes over different shades of yellow and soft greens and light and dark purples and burgandies to find the perfect matches. So, I've found some a wreath. And when I'm all done, you'll see what I mean, but it has the perfect colors for me right now. Soft yellow walls with sage green and dark purple sponging around the top portions, maybe some border around the big window. We will be putting more shelves up, too, to be able to add more cookie jars to my collection! But, the dilema is whether or not to have an accent wall over by the stairs. So, why not let some of you have a say? It'll be fun, but it won't last for long! I need to make up my mind soon before I forget to schedule this project into my life! Thanks for all your comments and encouragements!

13 April 2008

A Fireman's Warning

Anyone who thinks that burning pine needles and pine cones in a pile next to your garage is a good idea, raise your hand...?

Didn't think so.

Let me explain...Daryl was cleaning up the yard/tree debris and thought, "There is a lot of stuff here. What if I just burn it?" What's a little pile, eh? So, he's enjoying the small, very in-control burn then put water on it to put out the flames. NOW comes the smoke !

And so do the fire trucks...ALL THREE!!

Apparently, someone called the fire department and said there was a basement on fire. So, they are driving around looking for a smoking basement and found Daryl and a pile of muddy ashes. He said they talked with him about where appropriate places to burn are (none on our property, including our exsisting fire pit -- oops!). He didn't get a ticket or anything, yet. It may come in the mail.

Had I been home at the time, there would have been a picture. Shoot. Ode to Sandy City Fire Department for being "Safer than Sorry." Too hard to be mad at that (no harm to the garage either, by the way).

06 April 2008

I Have A Confession...

Ok, I have to admit it. Nine times out of ten, when I go to a public restroom, I will go to the handicapped stall...Few! Boy I'm glad I got that off my chest.

But seriously, I enjoy being able to turn around, stretch, fasten my pants or fix my skirt, use my foot to push the handle and not have to dance around the stinky toilet bowl!! I hate going into a regular stall and have to straddle the friggin' toilet seat in order to get the freakin' door closed. Then, getting out of there without falling back in to the suctioning me the creeps. At least in a larger, more favorable stall I can control my environment and what I touch!

Of course I will give up my favorite spot if there is someone more in need. I succumb to using regular stalls, but if I have a choice or option, you get the idea.

Only once have I a come out of the larger, favorable stall and someone in a wheelchair was waiting...she and I were the only ones in the whole bathroom...and all the other stalls were empty. I smiled at her. What are the odds?

05 April 2008

Meeting at Artist...No Strings Attatched

Ingrid Michaelson and Daryl

Very seldom do I win anything or even get to meet someone famous (not that I care to meet famous people, but if they are a good person, it is kind of neat).Even more seldom is when I meet said famous person and I enjoy their company. But Daryl won tickets from a local radio station to go to a Meet 'N Greet with Ingrid Michaelson (I have a song of hers on my music browser on the very bottom of this page) before her concert tonight. We were able to be a part of a small group and listen to her play songs from her new CD. She was so enthralled with some of the little kids in the group that she became distracted some of the silly things kids do. One girl was tapping the rhythm on her dad's bald head.
She is very talented, has great voice tone and control and range, but not annoyingly going up and down. Her sound is kind of blues meets Indie. Not that I'm trying to be Randy or Simon (that's a blog for another day) but I enjoyed every song on the CD on my way home.
after the song performance, there was a drawing for concert tickets -- 3 sets. We thought we almost won a set once when she pulled the name out and said "Der....rick." That guy was excited. The last drawing was for a Wii game system. I never expect to win anything, especially anything of value. And I didn't win anything...
Here is Daryl with Parker, the DJ from whom Daryl won the tickets and what you can't see in the picture because I stupidly didn't make sure it was in the frame...
WAS THE Wii GAME SYSTEM!! That's right, folks. My husband is the luckiest guy EVER!! He actually won! We just sat there, looked at each other, "Really?" So cool!
Well, I guess that means we are gaming people now. As long as I tried to put it off, I can't really turn down a FREE system! Tennis and bowling and even golf, here I come! Maybe by Christmas we'll be caught up with the rest of the world and have Guitar Hero...but by then there will be another game that will craze the country that I'll put up resistance for...or just borrow it from my brother! :)
P.S. He even made it to the Priesthood session (hence the dress shirt in the picture). What a guy, hu? :)

01 April 2008

April Fools Comes Early

Yes, the sick joke's on us, everyone in the Salt Lake Valley. Not on 1 April, though, no. April Fools caught everyone off guard when we woke up 31 March to TWO INCHES of snow! Yes, even at 9:30am I had to clean snow off my car (and why it's not in the garage is a whole other story). Eliza was bummed when I told her I didn't want to sit out in the cold when she asked if she could ride her bike. "But there is no snow on the sidewalk," she protested. If that were the only deciding factor...

THEN, the real April Fools comes: registering for Super Sports at the local Rec Center. Apparently it's a pretty popular youth summer program; this will be our first year. Registration in the past has been on Saturdays and people have literally camped out for places in the first-come-first-serve line that opens 6am Saturday morning. Well, last year the Rec Center started something new: You Pre-Register and get a #. Bring that # with you to the day of registration (today, a weekday). At 6am a random # is drawn (today was #53) and that person is first in line. Then all the other #s line up after in numerical order; after the last registration # (59), the line continues with #1,2,3... I was 44. I overheard someone saying last year there were 105 or so numbers, so I guess having it on a weekday cut out the not-so-serious contenders (lol I didn't even know about this program until my friend suggested, last Friday, we put our kids in together). :)

Aside from the insanely long 45min wait in line to pick the group I needed/wanted then another 45min wait in line to pay for said registration, it was a nice brisk walk to and from the Rec Center...snow in April...(sigh)...I sure hope Eliza and her friend have an insanely fun time with this program come June. She doesn't even know I've already scheduled most of her summer. I wouldn't have camped out, though...