26 June 2010

Now Watching...

Just finished this movie. Cute, fun, glad I waited for the DVD, totally predictable. Honestly, in order to keep from turning off the TV, I was checking my email, reading articles from Yahoo, texting on my phone. But, I did realize that, "Sheesh, she sure is running a lot..." No really, she really does a lot of running...

Fun, if you want something on as background noise. I did, however, love the soundtrack. I've already downloaded it from iTunes :) I guess it was more productive after all! Interesting...

21 June 2010

Oops, I Did It Again...

Father's Day! Yes, Father's Day! D made my Mother's Day so sweet, I wanted to do something fun for him, get him the best Father's Day present ever! So, I do all that, and I have the kids actually make their own cards for him and we have a great day with a BBQ at his parent's house. THEN, not only do I not mention any kind of nice bloggy tribute about Fathers here (as if there's some unwritten rule that bloggers have to blog on/about holidays), I forget to call my own Father! Did I mention I didn't even send him a card?? Yeah, that's me, Daughter of the Year. Well, I didn't want my mother to feel left out since I didn't send her a card, either...

By the way, why is it completely acceptable to buy power tools for Father's Day but is totally taboo to buy house-anything for Mother's Day?? D, just so you know, I would love a new vacuum!! Whatever the occasion.

14 June 2010

Bummer of a Deal

I've had a bunch of spam comments on a few post over the last few weeks and I'm tired of moderating comments, so I'm bringing back the word verification. Sorry :) but I'm sure you understand :)

10 June 2010

Back in the saddle, as it were...

I can't believe it's been 10 days since I've written anything...not that I haven't thought of anything to write, just haven't wanted to sit down and do it... kind of like my piling laundry (which D has done 4 - count them 4!!- loads today, while I'm away playing nurse with a bunch of docs). So, now, since I don't have laundry to complain about, I guess I could think of something interesting to write...Naaww. I'll just show you some pics :)

Here, E is practicing holding a violin. I'm totally serious when I say that this small violin is no larger than my forearm! She's so excited to start a String Program in her new school this fall.

And you thought the one E was holding was small, you can tell the proportion to L's arm!! Holy cow! How adorable would that be to see my small 4 year old playing Mary Had A Little Lamb??

Reminds me of a fire work :) Just a fun picture I took of a flower. No editing, either :)

This was just a week ago in Bountiful. This whole family is so much fun! :) D's Uncle and Aunt and their 8 sons and respective spouses and children. Yes, I said 8 boys. This was wedding #5. Number 6 will be next month! I love getting together with them, always such a fun time!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I'll think of something more interesting later... :)