25 February 2011

Leaving can be theraputic... can Returning.
Life kind of got away from me for a while, and I kind of just shut down. Well, not completely shut down, but I was on 'survivor mode' and am still working on crawling out of that.
Don't worry, everyone is safe. I have just, once again, spread myself too thin. And the blog was the first to fall by the wayside :) The next thing on the chopping block... probably Girl Scouts, as fun as it is...
I'm not gonna bore you with details about how my huge house is too overwhelming (even though I love retreating to the basement with a plate of nachos and watching my dvr programs) or how I was wedged into being the full time Girl Scout Troop Leader or that sometimes the clean laundry sits in baskets in the girls' bedroom for days before we get it put away. Yeah, I'm not gonna make you read all that stuff.
But, I do want to share something, even if I'm the only one that needs to read it (but I doubt it).
Guilt is not something to hold on to. It is supposed to be felt, dealt with and let go.
There. Done. Moving on.
Speaking of moving on...Wow, I have so much to tell you, my precious Blog! We've missed so much time together, but really, nothing on the outside is new. And yet, so much of me is new!! I can't wait to get it all out! It's gonna take some time, though, because I've realized that I can't do everything right now, today. Even now I'm multi-tasking at work :) hehehe as the laundry still sits at home, unfolded...but I'm okay with that for now because the girls will help me do it tomorrow.

24 February 2011

The best "it" word ever!

Eliza: Mom, if you had a word like "uck" but you put an F with it...(her voice trails off)
Me: Yes...?
Eliza: Well, what does that mean?

So she and I are having a much too adult conversation about rude words and a very very simplistic definition of the "f-word" and why it's inappropriate to never ever use it.

Me: So that is the rudest word you could ever say.
Eliza: Well, the "G" word is the worst, or the "it" word is really bad. I don't ever want to say that word!
And as she walks out of the room, I hear Lydia say "it..." and saw the confused look on her face!

A memorable parenting moment followed by...a memorable moment :) Priceless

23 February 2011

A New World

Hello World. My name is Rachel and I am a recovering Perfectionist.

Phew! Wow, what a weight off my shoulders!! It's actually because of that statement that I am writing today. More on this change to come later :)