28 September 2010

8 Questions

My sister tagged me from her blog All 4 Speakers. Thanks, Sis! :) I'll try to not bring up the sewing machine...

1. What is your guilty pleasure when you are home alone and no one to see?
a Bubble Bath with music, sometimes a book, always chocolate.
2. What is your favorite movie from your kids selection? One you don’t mind sitting to watch with them.
Any of the Barbie movies. They are all enjoyable, sometimes even funny :)
3. If you could remodel any room in your house and have someone else pay for it what room would it be?
The kitchen, hands down. The whole room needs a lesson in functionality.
4. What reality show would you most likely be on?
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader!!!
5. Do you have a go-to person that you tell everything to? (other than your husband) Why do you go to that person?
My sister. Honest. She's not afraid to tell me to suck it up and move on :) only when I need to hear it, of course.
6. What is the story/ meaning behind your child’s first name? Or if you don’t have kids, what is a name you have picked out, and why?
When I was pregnant with Eliza, before I had my first ultrasound, I had a really strong feeling I was pregnant with a girl. And I wanted her to have a name that meant something, someone she would be proud to have her name. And, I didn't want anything trendy. I was working for a dentist at the time. One day a patient came in, a young lady around 16, and her name was Eliza. Usually, when you think of Eliza, she's an old woman :) But the first thing I thought of was Eliza R Snow. Well, if this young lady could pull off Eliza, then so could another baby grow up with it. So, I bought a book about Eliza R Snow. The more I read it, the more I knew my baby would make a great Eliza.
7. How many purses do you own? How often do you change them?
Um, I'd have to go count to make positively sure. I think I have seven. But three of those have sleeves with reversible designs on them so the possibilities are endless :) I change purses every few months. Right now I have a sleeve on one of the small tan hand bags with fall colors. I'll change it to the black one with another sleeve once it starts staying cold.
8. What is the most expensive article of clothing you have (other than jewelry) Where do you wear it and do you wear it often?
I paid $90 for a pair of slacks a few years ago. They fit great and are great quality. They are my go-to item when I don't want to dress up but can't wear jeans. I mostly ware them to work/school functions. But, as long as I don't grow out of them :) I'll have them for years. Totally worth $90!

24 September 2010

Bee Under My...Curtains!

I don't know what happened. I guess I had a few days off and I didn't fell like baking (I know, I know, I must be feeling sick or something) but I had this problem:

And you can see how glaring this problem can be as we're watching TV or a movie before the sun sets (you're looking West out that door, basement family room). Very annoying. My first solution? Tack a blanket up of course :) Then my M-in-L came over with an offering:

"I found these as I was cleaning out my basement and thought you might be able to use them (because you have a blanket thumb-tacked to the wall)." Though, I must admit, it was waaaaaay more stylish than the alternative (not to mention FREE). And if it were any other day, I probably would have just left it like that. But there is something about raw edges and gaping holes that rubs me the wrong way, and as they were, it left something to be desired. So, as I saw it, I had no choice. Out came my M-in-Law's sewing machine :) Yes, I have hers cuz my sister took back my Mom's that I had. Yes, I should just buy my own. Or, borrow my sister's new one that she HASN'T EVEN USED YET. Just sayin...

AnYwAy... In my sewing box (that used to be my Mother's) I found some left over fabric and started measuring and pinning. Then, once I worked the kinks out of the machine, went to town with my straight stitches!! Straight being a relative term. NeVeR look at my seams :) After a few touch-ups while hanging, they're ready for their blogging debut!!

I really wanted to find a darker fabric that would have complimented the navy blue, but red and ecru go with navy as well. I know you can't tell from this pic but it's an ecru rattan fabric with red stripes, almost vintage-looking, except I bought it from Wal-Mart years ago for a quilting project that was never started. Well, I guess I'll have a patriotic room for a while. I really can't argue with FREE, minus a few hours of my day--yes, I said hours. Did I mention I don't have my own sewing machine?? Still, I LoVe that I actually finished one day...and didn't put it off. Thanks, M-in-L for the inspiration...and the sewing machine :)

P.S. In the first picture, can you tell there is a creature in front of the door?? More on HIM soon! :)

20 September 2010

Evidence of the Craziness that is my Life

Funny story:

16 September was 5 years being married (to each other...just wanted to clarify). We've been together for 6 years. Well, 29 September 2004 was our first date. All year I've talked to him about wanting to do this or that, eat at this restaurant, go somewhere, buy me this...or not. I change my mind a lot. But it was all just 'something in the future.' Nothing ever really was planned.

And what happens when we don't plan??

We forget :)

Yup. We both forgot. I was working that day; D was on the road driving something somewhere. But, it wasn't just something we forgot and were all, "Hey, oh man. Too bad we didn't arrange to be together today, but Happy Anniversary anyway." Oh, no! I don't remember what even made me think of it, but Saturday night (two entire days later!!), after a loooong day at the fair and the kids in bed and D fast asleep, I realized we forgot the ENTIRE day.

Then I giggled, realizing that I remembered before him! I can get something out of that, right? Maybe at least some See's chocolates ;)

Happy 5 years, D. I'm so glad we found each other. I have a feeling there will be many more years to come and hopefully better planning :) xoxox

01 September 2010

First Day of School

I know, everyone else has already gone back to school, but since Eliza's new Charter School building still looks like this:

...they had to postpone the start date. Well, as of last Saturday, it looked like that :) The landscaping still needs to be put in and the main concrete floors still need to be stained, but it still looks great and will be an amazing building! We're really excited! Well, E was more nervous than excited, but after school today she was waaay more excited :)
Eliza, first day of third grade, Quail Run Primary School

Waiting at the bus stop with a few more nervous kids :)

Below: "When do I get to go to school??" Now, good night from Northern Utah County. May tomorrow bring you less chaos than today :) (that was more for myself...)
Enjoy :)