30 April 2009

A Man's Way

The meat was frozen and very cold :) I was trying to cut the roast in half so I could get it into the crock pot. I needed some extra arm muscle. Who do I ask? The Man, right? Right.

Here is the result. I didn't complain...just grabbed the camera and gave him a hug :)

Yes, that is a hammer! :) Guess what else? I get a new set of knives for Mother's Day! :)

27 April 2009

Life Lessons

*The later you stay up the night before, the earlier your children will wake up the next morning.
*Restaurant/Fast food always looks better on TV
*No matter how many loads of laundry were done or batches of dishes washed or how fantastic dinner was today... you have to DO IT ALL AGAIN tomorrow :)
*Enjoy the little things. They pass by so fast!
*Good chocolate IS DEFINITELY worth the money!

21 April 2009

All For Nothing??

And NOW everything I've heard about water is, well...diluted :)

If you want another look at your drinking habits (and not feel so bad about your health), peer for a moment at this article. It won't take long, and you'll be glad you did.

Also, for Earth Day on Wednesday, Eliza's school sent home a list of ideas and ways to keep your family/house "green." We picked a few to be more conscience about and see if we can incorporate them into our lives: No more bottled water (Everyone has a reusable bottle, now it's 'just filtered water'), no more plastic grocery bags (when I can remember to take the reusable ones with me), and use hand towels more often than paper towels (or buy the paper towels made from recycled paper. Might as well use the hand towels).

Those are just a few things our family has decided to try to do. Believe me, this is no "Global Warming" plug. It's just me, trying to keep stuff out of the landfill. :) Who knows (sigh). Maybe I just needed an excuse to start collecting all the colorful reusable bags!! :)

18 April 2009


As I'm running (and occasionally walking), things are running through my mind on how to write this piece today. So much of my life has been avoiding things that are "hard or difficult," most strenuous exercises included. I've just never seen the point of pushing myself to exhaustion. Maybe it's more along the lines of fearing the failure?

I read a piece from a friend's blog about how she was so glad to get the go-ahead from her doctor to begin running again after a c-section. She said something that really knocked me off my rocker. She described that running itself wasn't the great part, but it's how you feel after the run, after you realize you've made such an accomplishment.

While I was running, I thought of that. And at the end, I realized, "This is why people run." I get it now. It was an awesome feeling, know that I had accomplished something. I didn't do it perfect, but I did it, with a head-cold. :) Thanks, Amy and Jill for being such great inspiration! I ran for D, for my family, for Rich, and for myself.

16 April 2009

Vacation Days

I really need to post some pictures; the memory card in my camera is loaded. But honestly? The sun (or lack thereof) is very frustrating. I even allowed my sister to dye my hair blonde again, just to get some "light" back into my day! :)

I've been on "vacation" with the kids for their Spring Break this week. We came up to ID to spend some time with my parents. It's rained every day. Daryl thinks, "Serves you right for leaving me." But you still had classes, honey!

Anyway, it's been great to not have to worry about housework or laundry or work or homework. Not to mention that Nanie is a great cook. ;) We even took the kids to Lava Hot Springs on Tuesday, while it was raining. That's the best time to go! I took the kids to the dollar movie last night, gorging ourselves on popcorn and soda. I even sprang for a Nerds rope. :)

So, one day left on "Vacation" then it's back to reality. Speaking of reality, I'm running a 5K on Saturday with a bunch of people from work and I'm still sick with a cold! Hack, Hack, sniff, sniff.

Gotta love a good reality check!

11 April 2009

In the Rain

This morning we went to an Easter Egg hunt for Student families at the J. Huntsman Center on campus. Well, actually, I let the kids sleep in while I did laundry, we had a lazy breakfast, the kids played with their toys from the "Easter Bunny" (cuz he comes to our house on Saturday) and why I don't just give in and tell them the freaking truth about the Easter Bunny is beyond me! I've come so close this week to just saying, "Okay, okay! It's me, it's me, it's all me!" But then I realized that if I did that, I'd have to explain about Santa and the Tooth Fairy and Cupid and the Sandman...I just didn't want to have that conversation this week.

Anyway, we made it down to the festivities in time to let the kids jump in the Bounce House and have 2 ice cream cones :) and walk/run home just in time for "Quiet time!" Ahh, I love quiet time. And then the rain started. At least it was a nice morning.

What would it be like to jump in a bounce house in the rain? Slippery, probably. What else is fun to do in the rain? I don't like getting wet when I'm fully clothed, but I'm sure there are other things to do in the rain, if I were to act young and ambitionless. What would you do if there were no consequences like soggy clothes? I do love the hot shower after, though. Some things just have awkward/dingey means to an enjoyable end.

Have a Happy Easter!

07 April 2009

A Productive Member of Society

Growing up in an LDS community, being LDS isn't just about going to church a couple times a year. I've discussed this at length over the years with people, both of the LDS faith and of other beliefs. Being devoted to any religion or belief is truly a way of life rather than something you simply Do, just because. Any of you who grew up in such a culture or are around those who have, you know exactly the way of life to which I'm referring. Such was part of my growing years, I must admit. I also must admit to associating my "worthiness" to a calling being held (or not held). I know I've grown away from that, too, thankfully.

See if you recognize this Mormon Urban Legend:

There once was a man who was very old (I don't remember if he was crippled or just really old, but that doesn't matter). His was the responsibility, every Sunday morning, to set the Hymn books out on the pews before the meetings, then, after the meetings, he would gather them up and put them away (I guessed this was before they started building the holders onto the back of the pews...). The Bishop noticed him one Sunday, doing his calling and was impressed with how tenderly and reverently he handled the books as he was distributing and collecting them. One Sunday, the Bishop arrived at the church about his regular time. The old gentleman was not there, neither were the Hymn books out on the pews. Someone was sent to the old man's house. Sure enough, he was sick and passed away a short time later. Up in Heaven :) the old man (why couldn't we have given him a name, or maybe I just forgot the name with time) came to stand in front of Jesus. The old man looked down at his feet, almost embarrassed. Jesus asked what was troubling him. The old man said, "I was never important. I never did anything outstanding. I was never a Bishop or a Stake President or even a General Authority. In fact, the longest calling I ever had was putting out the Hymn books each Sunday because that's all I could do with my crippled, old body." Jesus looked at the old man with love in his eyes and said, "It doesn't matter what you do; What matters is that you do what you are asked."

Whatever version you remember, I've had to remind myself of that lesson many times over the last few years. My time away from my family has overpowered my ability to serve (not my desire) due to our family circumstances. I pray it will not be this way forever. But I frustrate myself with wanting to serve but not wanting the responsibility.

Anyway, The Bishop's secretary called yesterday while I was at work and D made an appointment for me with the Bishop for tonight. At first, I thought, "Finally. I'll get to do something." Practically our whole ward was rearranged the week before last, so I knew all of the big stuff was taken. :) Then I started getting nervous. Calling? I can barely get my visiting teaching done, not to mention house cleaning. How am I going to fit in a calling?

I was in the bishop's office and the first counselor asked me to be the Relief Society Newsletter Coordinator. Huh?

I cannot remember a more peaceful feeling when being offered a calling. I literally had the Holy Ghost confirm to me, then and there, that this is a small way I can be of service in my ward. I can be involved without taking even more time away from my family. I just thought that was an awesome experience.

Even though it's small, that is where I am needed right now, and I'm okay with it, and then I remembered the before-mentioned story. :)

The Lord doesn't lighten the burden; He strengthens the shoulders. My shoulders have been strengthened tonight and I am grateful for that experience.

03 April 2009

What to do while waiting in the waiting room

Even thinking the word "COLONOSCOPY" inflicts in the minds of every adult urdges to suppress stomach acid and run to the bathroom (keep the air freshener handy). Yup. D is in for another one. Just one of the many tests he endures. I even know how he feels this time. I had mine done last October **pat me on the back** :) I wasn't any help last night, though, when I got the munchies and he's chugging his third can of Veggie broth, I made myself nachos. They were in the microwave before I realized what I had done. I sure wasn't going to throw it out! I thought about eating them in the other room, but the Jazz game was on! Not that I wouldn't have missed anything...

Anyway, with all the blood they take from him to test, I'm surprized the results are anywhere near normal. Except they haven't been. And his blood sugars are out of controll and he's taking insulin now. So, colonoscopy today, more tests next week. We'll see what comes of it all. Mostly, it just leaves more questions and few answers. The more I'm around medicine, the more I realize there is no "medical science." And it's frustrating when you need answers.

Now, overall, he's fine. Don'e flood him with calls. :) We'll keep you updated and there is no emergency, just waiting. :)

How She Sees It...

L got a hold of my camera recently and I found some fun abstract pics. Sometimes you just can't stage it any better.