28 October 2009

House Divided

D grew up in Utah County, playing football in high school, even having some high school team mates play for the Y. He routinely went to BYU football games, cheering and everything. Can you imagine? Naturally, his loyalties were blue.

I grew up watching sports. Our Family Nights centered around the sport of the season. Our Sunday evenings were spent watching football or basketball as a family. Well, since my parents controlled the TV then, we really had no choice, so I succumbed to the intensities that are had in close games, overtimes and Super Bowl commercials, even cheering for the Broncos and John Elway, year after super-bowl loosing year.

I learned to love the sport. Of course I had my favorite teams, or at least my favorite players, but because we were watching football and basketball so often, I would just pick a team for that game and cheer for them (unless it was Chicago Bulls or Dallas Cowboys, I have to draw the line somewhere), usually the underdog. My sister would pick her team based on the teams colors. To each their own.

So, my family's ties were all up in University of Utah growing up. Mind you, I had NO problems cheering for BYU when they were playing anyone else. BYU football had some amazing years while I was younger. I still remember the few times they played Notre Dame. Wow, that was fun! I enjoyed cheering for them because they were from Utah! Even now, they have had some great seasons these last few years, and good for them!

However, my loyalty stands with Utah, even though I married a Utah County boy, even though I am Mormon (who said religion dictates your sports' teams affiliation?). But why can't I cheer for more than one team?

I understand loving a particular team, but why does there have to be so much hate against others, even when they aren't playing against each other that particular day? Now, rivalry game days are different. People have their sides, but the hate should stay out of it.

For the love of all that's football, just enjoy the game!!
Mack, if you're reading this (which you should), I'd love to read your ideas about it all!
Also, why is the Y bigger than the U in that flag???????

21 October 2009

I Hate When A Good Book Ends!

A wonderful friend recommended this book to read. I borrowed her cds and downloaded it to my ipod. Then I let it sit there for almost a whole month before I started listening! A Whole Month! Maybe longer, actually. Anyhow, life got busier for a moment and I wanted to have it be my "train book" once i started commuting again, so I put off starting it.
The book is different, and if the name alone doesn't make you roll your eyes in amusement, reading (or being read t0) letters from her to him and him to someone else, and her to a complete stranger took a minute to get used to...maybe two. And then I was completely absorbed into Juliet's world. It's a fictitious story based on WWII German occupation of the English Channel Island of Guernsey and the post-war rebuilding. As compelling as that sounds, relationships -- of all kinds -- are born and flourish through letters. Imagine, letters! I found myself wanting to know Elizabeth myself and wishing I could express my thoughts as well as Juliet, as well as becoming frustrated with her suitor. Honestly, I just wanted to experience the Island as she had, 50 years ago, when life seemed simple...and I had just received a huge payment from writing a best-selling book so I could spend months and months someplace like that.

One time, while on the train, I was so enthralled in the story and my knitting, I made an audible GASP when I found out about Elizabeth! I then chuckled to myself. No one else seemed to notice, they all having ipods in their ears as well.

Then, last night, I took the girls to the park so I could listen some more. When we were all completely frozen, we went back home, got ready for bed. I hunkered down in my fleece PJ's and down comforter, snuggling and ready for more of the wonderful story that was unfolding when it ENDED! Happy, mind you, but ended just the same! I won't tell you how, in case you want to read it (and you DO), but I was left wanting more! What about the biography? I want to read the biogrophy of the friend she never met. What about Dawsey (what kind of name is Dawsey, anyway)? Does Sylvia ever come to visit? How does she describe the wedding? I want more!!
Loves to Nancy, who needs/deserves an island vacation more than myself

18 October 2009

Never Too Old

I've never really gotten into Halloween. Never really liked to get dressed up; just didn't want to put energy into it. I tried doing masks because the face make-up would make my face itch.

I've had a few fun costumes. The Vampire was always fun, but again, I got tired of the face paint. One year I was The Headless Horseman, using my Dad's trench coat and a pillow on top of my shoulders. It was brilliant until I got to the Halloween party and realized how HOT it was, trying to breath from a button hole, but hey! No make up :)

My most favorite: a black T-shirt (or any color would work, doesn't matter really), jeans, no make-up necessary, small boxes of cereal, plastic knives, red nail polish. Put the knives through the boxes, secure if necessary. Add red nail polish to boxes where knives enter/exit. Pin the boxes to your shirt. That's it!!

Other than waring my work clothes and adding a stethoscope, I've rarely dressed up for Halloween (some people think that doesn't count...). So, when I made arrangements to visit my family in Idaho whilst my cousin and her family were coming from Michigan, they all decided to have a Costume Party. Whatever, I just wanted to visit. If they wanted to add food, so be it.

Mom wanted us (she, myself and my sisters) to go as witches "Wouldn't that be so fun??" Can't I just bring my stethoscope? "No." Okay.

We found some fun hats and capes and false eyelashes, added some make-up and wallah!!
I didn't have my camera, of course, so I'm waiting for my cousin to email me other pictures of us together. It was a riot! Mom even won Best Costume, but I think they gave it to her because she's the oldest :) sshhh But she did look awesome! I was channeling SJP in Hocus Pocus
"Amuc, amuc, amuc..." If only you could have seen the curls bounce :)

12 October 2009

Road Less Traveled

I read this post this morning. I've been struggling with these same feelings of guilt and inadequacy in many aspects of my life for a long time, since I work outside the home three days of the week, totally and completely gone for 15+ hours of the day. I'm not able to do all of those things I would like to do, if I were there.

I know that doesn't sound like a lot of time away, but that only leaves me with 3 days of the week to do what should be done in 6 (I take my Sunday Rest very seriously). Now, not to diminish what D does while I'm at work (meals, dishes, occasional laundry, homework, etc), it's the other half of me that wallows in the "There is more that I need to be doing in life" guilt that creeps in, ever slowly, until I'm weighted down.

After I read the before-mentioned post, she had so eloquently described exactly how I allowed myself to feel sometimes. I'm lucky to get any laundry done at the end of the week, let alone start organizing pictures (thank goodness for Flicker) or scrapbooking. Journaling for the kids is seldom; making things, for myself or someone else? Non-existent. I do undergo the occasional baking session, but those are more seldom than I would prefer. Personal things like prayers and scriptures I need to do better, not to mention piano practicing and the experiences I want for the children. Basically, I'm just keeping myself afloat, and those off-times when I hit a snag, it feels more like a train wreck. The next step is to talk myself out of it and realize, thankfully to this well-expressed post, I now have ammunition against those heavy thoughts.

Rachel's Road Less Traveled
*Take care of my family and their needs, temporally and spiritually.
*Uplifting thoughts come from the Spirit. Focus on those, or at least surround myself with uplifting things.
* I really believe no one in heaven is keeping track of homemade quilts or scrapbooks or sewing projects
*I am not to run faster than I am able. I liked the suggestion of making "the daily list" so as to be concentrating on what's most important.
*As long as my children know that I love them and that I love God, and they see me live the gospel, I am on the right track.

The important things I am constantly striving to keep in the back of my mind:
Let the little things go
No one is Perfect
Everyone is different

"Now, go, and do thou likewise."

09 October 2009

Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize, the award given as anticipation of what may come instead of what has been accomplished? Really?

Go to the link below. You won't be disapointed :)

Mack's Down

05 October 2009

Writers Block...Block...Block...

What does your English Teacher tell you to do when you can't think of anything to write? Brainstorm! That or just write down anything that comes to your mind. That's actually a great way to really see/read what is in a person's mind or thoughts. This could be revealing, but I'll keep it clean, I promise :)

I need new work shoes. Rather, I would like new work shoes. Rather, I just want another pair of these shoes so I can have a pair at home, I love them so much! Sometimes I wish I had some gel in-soles. I miss my glasses. There was something comforting in being able to almost hide behind them. Even if I didn't want to ware make-up, at least I still had something decorative on my face to detract from the dark circles. Now, it's just ME, and that's uncomfortable. I could do something about the Crow's Feet and puffy eyes and dark circles......mehh.

I am always fascinated each time I see the brain exposed. I felt that way, too, the one time I saw an open heart surgery. Fascinating! I can eat a whole container of Ben N Jerry's New York Supper Fudge Chuck, in one sitting, if I let myself. I want to be to my ideal weight...eventually. I know, I know. I need to make a goal, and get myself out of bed earlier in the morning, blah, blah, blah. But I've made so many goals and gone up and down on the scale so many times that everything is discouraging any more. I'd like to get back into running shape. Blue is a calming color. Is that why it's all over the operating room? I really can't concentrate when the music is screaming.

My girls love Hannah Montana...and I'm okay with that. They also enjoy ice cream sandwiches. I'm okay with that too. I need to get more excited about drinking hot chocolate, especially since it's getting colder. Ice cream sandwich dipped in hot chocolate??? I think SO :) But, I make my kids eat hot cereal when it's cold outside, and if they want to complain, I let them call Nanie (my mom). I love under-cooked oatmeal with brown sugar. I hate driving in the snow. I miss Switzerland. My co-workers keep me sane (that and the chocolate peanuts from Nutty Guys).

Okay, that was nice to get some of that off my chest! Thanks :)

01 October 2009

Lilly is my favorite flower

...that sometimes gets overlooked. You have grown so much this past year that I'm afraid there is so much more I have missed! Actually, your height is still in the lower end of your age-group, but hey, you finally fit into all the 3T pants of your sister's and cousin's that I've been keeping! You LOVE finding clothes and would change your clothes 10 times a day, if I'd let you. The only thing about all that clothes-changing and why I halt it? The clothes never make it back onto the hanger or into the drawer. But, when you were helping me put laundry away, you figured out the hanger-in-the-shirt all by yourself!

Actually, there are lots of things you started doing and I had no clue you were able. Sometime around January, you counted some orange slices, in numerical order! You only had 6, so I quickly made it an even 10 and sure enough! You counted them all again! You love to color, anything, and are making all sorts of shapes! You also love having your older sister ready stories to you. I love that, too, and can't wait until you can read them to me. I know it won't be long.

You are so loving and always have a hug and kiss for all of us. You love to get dressed up with E, but you also loving playing in the dirt and with the bugs with J. The dirt doesn't bother you (I'm a different story, but that's beside the point). You don't let anything get in your way. Now, you are even difficult to keep up with when you cruise down the sidewalk on your scooter!

My favorite thing you do? When you sing along with songs on the radio or my ipod. Taylor Swift is your favorite and I think it's adorable! You're still so small, but every time I pass you, I just have to pick you up and snuggle you to me. Most the time you let me, but you are becoming more and more independent and sometimes express your own ideas, and sometimes that includes slamming a door.

I love watching you grow, but every milestone you achieve leaves a tiny piece of my heart behind because I know I'm watching these achievements for the last time. You are my baby, the last one to learn to ride a bike, learn to read, learn to tie your shoes, go to school. But I know that with each milestone you reach, there will be many more to come.

And we'll share all of those together too.