30 March 2008

Daryl's Birthday Party

Daryl turned 33 on 29 March. I had a class at work in the morning, and had I been a better wife I would have woken up early and made him breakfast in bed before I had to leave...but it didn't happen. I kinda feel bad about it, looking back. That would have been really nice...(sigh)...Anyway, I did give him a kiss and "Happy Birthday" before I helped get the kids breakfast. :)

I picked up the cake on my way home then we went down to his parent's house for dinner, porqupine balls -- his birthday dinner for as long as he can remember (I tried them last year, didn't go so well. I'll leave them to his mom for now). His sister and kids and best friend and his kids were also there. It was a full house and we had a great time. Thanks, Mom and Dad Peay!

After dinner Mom and Dad Peay came up and put the kids to bed while we went to Game Night with our ward. Good times! Those are some serious gamers! Daryl even one a couple. Everyone even sang to him, twice. Hope you had a fun day, honey! Love you! xoxo

27 March 2008

Easter 2008, part I and II

Easter came twice to our house. Once on Wednesday so that the Easter Bunny could fill Jordan's basket because he wouldn't be with us that weekend this year. The second time was an impromtu Easter Dinner/Going Away party for Mack leaving on a 5 week business trip. As the kids played, my sister and I filled more plastic eggs then scattered them on the front lawn and let the kids go at it (with some rules for the other kids). The older kids were skeptical, but no one would admit they knew who put the eggs there. It was fun to have the family over. Dinner was a yummy ham, potatoes and salad, then a chocolate fountain for desseret, since there apparently wasn't enough chocolate given out with the other candy...well, not for the adults anyway. Enjoy the pictures!

26 March 2008

A Good Spring...Cut

My cute cousin cutting the girls' hair. Thanks, Amber!
Post-hair cut. Lydia was more interested in the McGriddle. Yumm!
She was holding still but being grumpy and wouldn't smile
Now she's looking around...
Sitting still...
Trying to catch the smile on camera. She's telling Amber all about her princess movies and singing songs. Such a chatter box!
Thanks, again, Amber! The girls look adorable and will look so cute for pictures on Friday!

20 March 2008

Personal Matters...

So, this entry today serves a personal interest (I guess they all do, in a way) and the topic of it has a bit of a history...

...It was about May or June of last year, Daryl had had his second surgery and started chemotherapy. We were just starting to deal with all the new changes a life-altering diagnosis brings. My cousin was staying with us, helping me take care of the girls (she was a blessing, thanks Katie!). Two of my good friends from work found out they were pregnant around the same time and one day we were in the breakroom taking about baby stuff and pregnancies...then it hit me, right in front of everyone there. I tried so hard to hold back a few tears, but the thought came out of nowhere and took me by complete surprise that a few tears escaped. I recovered quickly, we went back to work then I came home and totally broke down.

The thought: I may never experience pregnancy again because of the effects of chemotherapy.

It is possible to conceive after chemo, but it just depends how the body reacts after chemo so it's totally unpredictable. I hadn't expected that reaction from myself. I didn't want to tell D how I was feeling because he was taking things very personal then and I didn't want to make him feel like it was his fault, so I called my Mom and told her I didn't feel like my "baby" days were over. I didn't feel like our family was complete...blah, blah, blah. I was very selfish for a few days. Some people never experience pregnancy and I have TWICE, with no complication. Like I said, selfish.

I also did a lot of pondering...what if we would have not followed the counsel from our sealer when we were married to not put off adding to our family? Lydia was barely 5 months when D had his first surgery. Was following that counsel Heavenly Father's way of telling me, "you now have 2 1/2 children to take care of and grow. Mind your responsibilities"?

After a few days of pondering and praying, I felt comforted that regardless of the outcomes, we still have a beautiful family.

So the reason for the entry today? I had my IUD removed last month. We decided to see what happens. If we end up pregnant, great! If not, that's okay too, plus we'll know I won't need any more birth control. :) Win-win situation!

17 March 2008

Zac's Police Academy Graduation

To Boise and back in one day...that's enough driving for me for a week or so. But it was worth it. Zac looked so proud and official. Watch out women of Pocatello! He's still single! Sheesh. I still can't believe they let him have a gun... When we saw him all dressed up, I knew he had his bullet-proof vest on under his uniform, so I have him a good punch in the side...just checking. :)
Congrats, Zac. Go get those bad guys!
Dad was a proud papa that day, too, well ever since Zac was hired his buttons have been poping, but that day he was holding back tears. I could tell, Dad. I didn't see Dad at Bryant's or Mack's graduations, but I'm sure they were happy days, seeing his older children graduate from Universities. They both worked full time while they were finishing school, so they were both so glad to be done! Then, at my graduation, we all knew I was following Nanie Gay and wished she could have been there to see me get my pin (they don't pin nursing caps anymore), so we were all a bit teary. Teresa was just so glad to leave the hair school with her diploma that our party there took all of 20 minutes. :) Zac still plans on getting a degree in something that will help him get into the FBI, but seeing him be sworn in as a public servant, doing something Dad loved, will always be a special day for both of them. I was so glad we could be there to see it! Love you, Zac! That's a great legacy, Mom and Dad. Great job. :) xoxox

08 March 2008

Embarrasing Observations

Have you ever looked at something every day for as long as you can remember, and then one day looking at that same thing and notice something blatantly obvious, so obvious that you feel stupid for not noticing sooner? I'm sure I've had a few of those moments in my life, but I can't remember details. :) However, I remember this one.

It was Thrusday evening, just this past Thursday. I was taking my time getting ready for bed, plucking eyebrows, using a different night cream, flossing all my teeth...anyway, as I'm plucking a few stray chin hairs I'm relishing in the idea that as my friends are turning 30, I still have another year to warm up to the idea of moving into my next decaded. And I've told a few people this sentiment over the past few months...then it hit me!

I was in the same class with these friends! My heart started racing...what year is it? 2008? Holy...You've got to be kidding?! Yes, I too was born in 1978, that would mean that in 2008 I would turn 30 years old!! I had to grab the counter to keep from falling backward. Not only can I not believe that I was able to keep this from myself for the better part of a year, but that I no longer had my "safty net."

Daryl didn't think I was serious. When I called my Mom and was near tears, she couldn't stop laughing. Thanks, Mom. All she could say was, "I just turned 55. No sympathy here." But you're my MOM; you're supposed to be older than me. This is ME, turning 30! It's not that i care how old I am; I'm with the belief that you are as old as you feel. But it's the fact that it totally CREPT UP on me! How does that happen??? That's just embarrasing.

05 March 2008

Girls will be Girls

Girls love their Nanie.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

This Girl loves clothes

and "making" outfits

Oh, which one do I choose?

(E had this all laid out and was so exceited to show me!)

There's not enough floor space (I'm still laughing about it!)

Girls love posing for the camera,

some more than others :)

Little girls love their big sisters

"Iza, ge ba her!" L was yelling until she caught up (not a spelling error, just say those sounds out loud and choppy and that's what it sounded like) :)

Girls love their Daddy,

and a shy camera face

This one loves to stuff her socks into her pajamas...

I don't get it...

but it was funny to find them :)

Girls love to fight

over silly things

Girls love to multitask!

02 March 2008

Oh Spring, Why Tormentist Thou Me?

How about THIS for funny: yesterday's temperature high was 61, and yesterday's snow accumulation...2 inches!! Does anyone else think that is funny? I laughed while we were watching the news last night, but yesterday afternoon it wasn't so funny walking out of the Cottonwood Heights Rec. Center after a work swim party, in our swimsuits (cuz I figured we'd shower at home) and it's 20 degrees colder and slush-raining. Fun times! You know what they say: Don't like the weather? Wait around 5 minutes. I don't know who actually said that, but people said it alot in Switzerland, too. Hmmm, dunno.

Anyhoo, we had fun at a swim party with people from the hospital. We even saw our neighbors there! Fun stuff and LOTS of food. :) Daryl was just glad to be able to get in the water; this was his first time swimming in over a year. Lydia was tentative at first, but she got over it and LOVED the baby water slide. I even took her down the big yellow slide and she wanted to go again, and again, and again...I didn't want to risk the camera to get a picture of that. Sorry!...but I was tempted. These pictures were taken across the room with a great zoom.

Jordan is half out of the water next to Lydia and Eliza is in the red suit with flowers. I would have taken more pictures but our friends were adverse to being photographed in their swimsuits...huh. Oh, well. We did have fun, and did I mention all the food? I must be hungry. After a fun day at the pool, we are looking forward to warmer weather. I'm ready to get going on the yard, if the snow will ever go away!! :) I can't wait to paint the kitchen!! I don't think Daryl thought I was serious about painting the kitchen when I first told him (I make a lot of random comments). But I think he thinks I'm more serious when he came home from work the other day and I had completely rearranged the kids' bedroom, then Friday I rearranged our bedroom (I like it so much better I don't know why I haven't done it sooner, for both rooms). Then yesterday, I started cleaning out the cabnets and going through the house making DI piles. Just wait until I come home with paint samples! :)