09 May 2012

That wasn't as long as I thought...

Hmm, I really thought it was more like a year since I last posted...I guess after seven months I should have more to talk about than cancer, huh? Oddly enough, though, after that post, everything kind of just went down hill and didn't stop...
Long story or short story?
Short. The long one is too long now. I'll try to catch up somehow, or maybe not. Some things just need to be left in the past. There is almost too much I want to say, I don't know how to do it now.
Let's talk about changes!! That's an easier category to tackle. In February, I was finally able to change my work schedule so that I am working at night on the weekends (three 12-hour shifts). That means...I get to be home ALL WEEK!! You guys, you have NO IDEA how much this one change alone has improved my entire life! Shortly after I started doing that, I enrolled E into an online charter school and have been working with her at home. She still misses seeing her friends, but I think being able to play outside any time of day is working it's magic on her. She will dilligently work on her school work so she and L can go play at the park across the street or so we can go play at Nannie's. I have enjoyed so much having her home that I enrolled L in the school for kindergarten as well. There are lots of kids they play with in the neighborhood, so I don't worry about them making friends. But I really love the flexability we all have with their school schedule!
Also, there have been changes in our families. D lost his grandmother due to pneumonia, then I lost a cousin of mine in an auto accident. Both my sister and sis-in-law had miscarages last November. That was rough. The sis-in-law was able to get preggo agian, though, and she's due in a few weeks!
D had to have another surgery in March to remove another tumor. He started radiation therapy last week and is already feeling the tired effects of this treatment. Within the last week, though, we decided to start working with a Naturepath. Seriously, though, 5 surgeries, 2 rounds of chemo, now 2 rounds of radiation and a possible 6 surgery pending with the loss of hearing in one ear, what harm can some herbs and oils do? Might as well try it, cuz the Western medicine isn't doing such a great job :) I'm interested!
But, right now, I am looking so forward to summer my neck is going to give out! The last few days have been really warm and we have enjoyed splashing in the blow-up pool at my Mom's. Did I say how much I love my job schedule?? Beautiful days, beautiful days...