05 October 2011

A Whole Month

A whole month has D is recovering from his surgery and we all are trying to adjust to his hearing loss. I now need to walk on his right side, because when I babel, as I tend to do while we walk, he can't hear me. I'm sure it wouldn't bother him, but when I ask for his opinion, I want to hear it. Problem is, he didn't hear the question. So I have to switch sides. He now puts the bird on his left shoulder, so when the damn bird squawks he isn't deafened (is that a word? Is now!).

Come to find out a few weeks ago, he has to have another surgery. More minor than the last, but apparently there wasn't enough healthy tissue removed. So, next week, he'll go under the knife again...BUT, before he goes, we are finally getting away for our Anniversary trip (that we had to post-pone because of the LAST surgery!)

Stanley, here we come!! So excited to get away and do nothing!! Then when I get back I'll post about something other than Cancer...promise :)