28 April 2010

Says Who?

I know, I know, it's not Monday anymore, but It's been a while since I've even done a Muchias Gracias Monday post and since I'm in a blogging rut, I don't want to seem un-Gracias.

So, this week, I'm greatful for: Rest!

I picked up an extra shift last week and it kicked me in the BEE-hind. I lost my laundry/cooking/cleaning day! Working that one extra day threw off my whole grove and I've been in a funk ever since. Sheesh!

So, the opportunity presented itself again this week, and though the little extra cash may be nice, I can't take doing laundry all weekend!! I will enjoy my day off tomorrow, cleaning the kitchen, doing more laundry and getting the banana bread made that I wanted to do last night. AND, my Mom's coming to town!! Yeah, me :) Hehe, maybe she'll do the kitchen for me :)

Okay, Rest and Family :)

22 April 2010

Oh, No she DIDN'T!

A friend of mine has a private blog, to keep us all updated with their growing family in the wiles of the wild Wyoming west :) No, really. They really live in the middle of nowhere, in Wyoming. Actually, right now, I would love that kind of solitude. And they do.

Anyway, I was commenting on one of her posts about how some lady actually said out loud to my friend a bunch of ignorant stuff about being a stay-at-home Mom and how "it's not as demanding as teaching (she's apparently a substitute teacher)." Say whaa?? Yeah, so I'm sending positive words to my friend who not only chooses to stay home to raise her babies, but also home schools her 2nd grade son and is now doing preschool with their 4year old daughter, plus, she has a toddler and is prego with another! Not as demanding...humph! Good heavens!

So, my point was, E was praising me one night for the dinner I had made. She said she was so glad that I loved her so much to make such nice things for her. Her words. It totally took me by surprise; not the concept, but the fact that she put "cooking" and "love for her" together! I hugged her and told her that's exactly why I love cooking; because I get to see other people enjoy something I created, just for them. It was a neat moment.

Nope, I wouldn't give mothering up for anything!

20 April 2010


Now THIS is more like it :)

THIS I can handle
Welcome, Spring. It's so nice to see you.

18 April 2010

My Girls

I took advantage of my sister while we were up in Idaho last week. And I say that with all the love an older sister can congure up for a younger sibling. She has more creativity in her little finger than I do in my whole being. And if ever any of you think I am creative at something, it is because I got the idea from her :)

Seriously, though, I love the photos she takes. She works with the lighting, finding the perfect background, angling the camera just so... For example, I wanted to do pictures of the girls in the morning because it fit into the schedule of the day. She said, "The lighting won't be right." I said, "What are you talking about? It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow!" Sheesh! I totally knew what she ment by the morning sun not being the best time of day; I was just playing dumb :) But that's one of our many differences, Left vs Right Brain functions, pretty much explains our childhoods.
Anyway, so Yes, every time I can get cute and fun pictures of the gilrs in something other than ragged play clothes, I have to; I like to document their dresses, mainly because they are so adorable and grow out of them so fast. Plus, she'll edit them and make them look even MORE amazing! I love it! :)

Thanks, Sis :) xoxox
PS check out her mad editing skills HERE

06 April 2010

R & R

I'm at my Home-Away-From-Home for the week. All kinds of fun stuff planned. We went to the Hot Springs yesterday then after we came home, watched it snow a few inches. Bugger. So, I'm gonna take some time away from this thing for the week. I'll check up on you all and give updates next week.

I may just have to go snow shoeing later...