23 February 2009

Some of my conversations this past week

(talking about friends at school)
E: But, your my best friend, Mom. Well, I guess you're not a friend cuz you're my Mom.
Me: Well, I can be your friend, too.
E: Right. Thanks! You're the best!
Me: Just remember that in about 10 years.
E: Okay...why would I want to do that?

Me: Ok, pumpkin, it's time to get ready for bed.
L: I not Pumpkin, I Lydia

Me: Good night, Princess.
L: I not Princess, I Lydia

I get it, I get it. :)

18 February 2009

Let me be honest...

...Yes, I need to get my body into better shape.
...Yes, I need a goal to motivate myself.

But, why do I really do it??

To eat chocolate.

I'm an utterly uncomplex person :)

15 February 2009

Joy of Chocolate

I must admit this photo-op is staged, but I needed it to show the difference between a child enjoying chocolate and a grown-up just eatting it. What is the use of adding those calories if you aren't going to enjoy the moment?? Just something I was thinking of the other day...yes, I really need a vacation (hint, hint, D).

Finishing Triumph

Oh, to be young with a high metabolism...

12 February 2009

Why do I do it?

I've committed myself to run the 5K in the SLC marathon in April. I don't know why. Someone at work mentioned they were running it and I thought, "That would be fun to run it with someone." So, I got everyone else at work excited to run together, as a team. "Team Neuro." Yup, my idea. So what do I do? Add my husband to the roster!! :)

Yes, I've started training for a 5K. Now, some may be rolling their eyes saying, "Jeezz, that's no big deal." But if you were me, you would know how, yes, this is a big deal. Let me count the ways: *I'm out of shape (but round is a shape, no?). *I have hated running since I had to do it in Jr High/High school. *I'm slow. *Did I mention I am out of shape? *Pushing a jogging stroller is harder than it looks! *Oh, the burn (lungs, legs, buns)!!

So, why do I do it? I need motivation to get myself into better shape! I've tried for years to simply exercise with up and down results. I was doing really well toward the end of last year. I'm down to my pre-baby weight before L. Now I want to get back to my pre-baby weight of E and just be generally more healthy. And I'm having a hard time! So, I gave myself a goal, which, I've heard can be a good thing.

Today, I was exceited to get out, even while it was snowing. Walking wasn't fast enough. I had to run. Like my body was pushing me. That, and it was almost 10am. It's a lot easier to get out when it's not dark. :)

So, wish me luck! And for those of you who have run a 5K or a half-marathon, or a marathon, I tip my hat to you. I hear they are a lot of fun. :)

09 February 2009

Men Vs Women

In an earlier post, I had mentioned how my husband and his father had offered to go to the store while I was at work and pick up a few requested items (honestly, 6 things) I needed for meals for the weekend that I didn't have time to get before I left for work that day. I had also said that it was a whole other story, for another time. I've mainly put off the telling of this story, not because of any significance, rather I would hate to come across ungrateful or demeaning. On the contrary. I love our differences and his help around the house, and I am grateful to my in-laws for the help and support they give us. (Disclaimer: D read this and approved it--chuckled-- before it was posted)

Simply put: Men think differently than Women

(W= explaining to M before she sends him to the store with a list)
(M= explination after returning home from the store)

**identity of items changed for their own protection**

W: I need a block of cheese and 1 pound of hamburger
M: The corn chips were next to the cheese.
W: We need chicken breast for the BBQ.
M: But the stakes were on sale.
W: 5 pounds of potatoes, some carrots (yada,yada) so I can make a stew for next week.
M: Dinty Moore was having a sale, 10 for $10! Look, now you don't have to make it at all!
W: Here's the list
M: I know _____ wasn't on the list, but I figured since it was on sale, you could do something with it... what milk?

Tip: Cash and a calculator (but that's a good tip for me, too)

06 February 2009

My Secret Wepon

Yes, I can get my week's worth of laundry washed, dried and put away (so neatly even Martha Stewart would be hard-pressed to find a fault) in just over two hours on ONE day. I do not write this to brag, simply to make a point I love about living here.

So, I guess I have two secret weapons:
Even with 76 apartments in the building, I rarely run into anyone else even doing laundry, so having all 6 machines to myself is wonderful. 38 minutes to wash, 42 minutes to dry, 4-6 loads done all at once (secret weapon #1 would be the multiple washers/dryers at my disposal). Now, what to do with the MOUNDS of clothes/towels/linen/socks???

Enter Secret Weapon #2 (I guess this means I have to kill you all...hmmm)

Never mind the rice noodles next to the jug of Miracle Grow for my one and only plant...Hey! I honestly just noticed the 7-up on the shelves in the picture! I totally forgot about them (next to the toilet bowl cleaner)! :) Wow. Anyhooo, the cart is a realistic birth from my imagination, $12 put to incredibly good use and worth every penny. I wouldn't buy this one again because the plastic is flimsy and my mom and I broke a few corners getting the thing together (duct tape holds the bottom). However, I digress. The basket has 3 compartments, the bottom of each holding a bottle of detergent, a box of dryer sheets and a container of Oxi-clean. Note the hangers. I'll get to that in a sec. Laundry day: load everything up, usually have a regular basket that fits nicely on top of the blue one and I roll it all out to the elevator (*ding*) and out into the laundry room. Switching the loads I just use the regular hug-the-hip plastic type. *Buzz* Done. Roll my contraption out and up to the warm laundry room again, usually still in my slippers. Now, I have the lovely place of the rod along the top, on which to hang our newly laundered shirts! Towels get folded and put into the blue bins. Other clothes get folded as I take them out of the dryer and put them in the plastic bin that sits on top. Little to no ironing is needed, mainly because the clothes aren't sitting in the dryer all day. :)
Now, I do realize that once I move back into reality, this contraption will have no realistic purpose. It won't be able to traverse the stairs. Also, I could let the laundry sit all day here, but I'd probably find it pulled out by someone else anxious to dry their clothes, too. So, I guess it's also a change in my own laundry attitude. But, for now, getting through these next few years, I will take all the short-cuts I can get, even if it means taking advantage of the laundry!!

03 February 2009

Appartment Living

I thought I'd take some pics of our new and tiny space for the kids to remember years from now and hopefully appreciate their own spaces. Now, don't get exceited. None of this will make Better Homes and Gardens, nor was it intended to. But, this is what I have to work with. It's still a bit more cluttered than is comfortable for me, but I can't get rid of everything. :) Sometimes you have to work around it. Enjoy! Click on the "Notes" for discriptions of the pictures.

Told ya it was small. :) The laundry room is one floor up. I'll tell ya: even though I don't have my own washer and dryer, the six washers and dryers make up for it. I can put all my laundry in at once, dry it all at once (I've never used all 6 at once), then fold it as I'm getting it out to take downstairs and put it away when I get back downstairs. I can get all the laundry done and put away in just over two hours, and that's getting the morning dishes done and taking a shower in the meantime! :) How will I ever go back to doing laundry one load at a time? :)

02 February 2009

Words that make your heart melt...

Me: Okay, kids, let's put the toys away.
J: E doesn't have to help with this. She wasn't playing with the cars.
E: I'll help anyway.

Gosh, that's a good day!