22 August 2010

When in Rome... Send a Postcard

No, I'm not going anywhere. Quite the contrary. I'm just reading another book :)

If I come across a book that has been turned into a movie, I will see the movie first...for a few reasons: 1-the book is always better and I don't like to leave a movie disappointed (ie: Twilight), 2-when I'm reading, the images in the movie help shape the images in my head while I read.

Have you ever read a book then found out the actors who will play the characters from the book and you say, "That is soooooo not what Edward is supposed to look like..." (Am I the only one on that point??) Besides, then when I'm reading, I can concentrate on the story and not making images that may have to change depending on my movie-viewing habits :)

Anyway, I love Julia Roberts so I was excited to watch another movie with her, but the more I heard about this book from others I decided to start the book (since I wait to see movies at the discount theater) and have some time to read.

I'm not done with the book. I'm only about half-way through the first of three parts of it. So why am I writing about it now? Because I'm enjoying it :) She has a really fun and funny writing style that cracks me up! I keep thinking..."I would LOVE to go to Italy and just job, no responsibility...just eat gelato and practice Italian..." But I didn't decided to end a marriage of 8 years with a messy two-year divorce and needed time to figure myself out... so, to each their own.

I do get, however, to live vicariously through her. Right now I am thoroughly enjoying her descriptions of Rome and how she's handling Italian life and I'm looking forward to learning more about India and Indonesia! See?? Learning about the world without leaving my living room.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it all; I love to travel!! I miss traveling. That may be the only thing I miss after having a family and responsibilities...traveling (planes, trains, trams, going somewhere, arriving at a destination in a new city, being in another culture). However, no matter how many places I visit or buildings I walk through or art I see... my choices took me in a different direction, and I wouldn't change a thing.

For now, books will suffice (did I mention I was enjoying this book??) and I can fondly remember my jaunting around Switzerland and Austria sooo long ago.

Later, when the children are taking care of themselves... I'll send them postcards :)

18 August 2010


Well, technically, I've been home since Saturday, but it was a busy week and I needed time to relax and revive (thankyouverymuch, large soaking bathtub!!) and put off doing laundry and moving camping contents out of my living room (notice I didn't say 'away' just 'out of my living room'...).
Now, as promised, pictures of our New Home and some of my favorites of Redfish 2010
FYI: click on the "notes" under the picture for captions

Our New Home

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Redfish Lake, ID 2010

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09 August 2010

We're Going on Vacation

I'll be back...eventually :)

I'll have pictures...promise

A preview of my most favorite place on Earth from last year...

(this was actually taken myself...I know, huh? Well, it's not hard when the scenery is amazing...)

08 August 2010

Wow, Everyone's Excited!

Sorry, everyone, about no pics of the new house. I guess now you'll have to wait until I get back from Redfish, as I am currently out of town :)

Have a fun week! See you on the flip side!

06 August 2010

Home Sweet Home

Life has been a bit crazy. In a super spur-of-the-moment decision (a moment which was literally handed to us), we decided to move...again. I knew our then-living situation would be temporary, but I never realized how small 5 people in 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and no room in the kitchen for a proper table could be! :) But we made it work. It was a good situation, but when this opportunity presented itself, I realized just how tight everything was.

5 July: stumbled on the place ("We can do this, wow, we can totally do this!")

6 July: signed paperwork

13 July: started moving things into the garage until the painters were finished

28 July: finished moving everything else

So the last few weeks, we've been packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and unloading the garage :)

But, know what?? I'm not complaining. Why, you ask? a) I have a garage b) I have a kitchen with room for a proper table c) I have my own bathroom with a large soaking tub d) there is an area by the kids' room which has been designated 'the play area' e) there is an extra bedroom and bathroom f) there are 3 separate storage areas - not including the garage g) I have a dishwasher - machine h) I have room for my piano (formerly that of my parent's) :) I could go on, but you get the idea.

One night, after a long hot day, D and I were sitting outside on deck off the kitchen, looking at the view of Utah Valley, Utah Lake, Mnt Timp temple... enjoying the breeze after the super hot day and enjoying being off our feet. I just couldn't believe that this is now my home. We live here. We will be here for a very long time. We are Home.

01 August 2010

4 years ago today...

...I told the doctor this baby needs to come...soon! Thirteen hours of labor and a cesarean section later, she was in my arms, and really hasn't left since!

While she's always been on the smaller side, her mind is growing and growing! She's always amazing me with things she picks up from everything around her. She's also my cuddler and hugger... I could just squeeze her 'til her eyes pop out... but I won't. They're too amazing to look at! I still can't decided what color they are. When she was little, they were a very deep blue. To my dismay the color has faded a bit; now they aren't quite blue or quite green (like the rest of us), not quite gray. Which ever it is, I love the dark colored band that highlight's the iris :)

She is trying her hardest, this summer, to keep up with the older kids. She's overcome swimming fears and is the newest "fish" in the family. Bring on the goggles! She still loves to get dressed up and prefers a skirt or dress to pants or shorts; she'll cuddle with me for hours reading or looking at catalogs.

One of her many questions that made my heart melt: I was trying to explain why it wasn't okay for her to put gum on her clothes (after I found it on a jacket in the dryer). After I was done with what I thought was a perfectly age-appropriate explanation, she looked at me and said, "Mama, what is 'punished'?" Awww, man! Nothing, it's nothing. Forget I said it. Here, here's some gum. Go chew and read and jump on the couch and eat more candy and be a child!
I'm sorry, I'll remember next time :)
And, I can't wait to see how much more you will grow this next year!!